Gratitude Project – Week 18

I’m sitting here on this dreary Friday afternoon snacking on cereal and wishing it was potatoes. My oven stopped working this week. I’m feeling a void in my life where potato fries once were. Sure, I could boil potatoes or do something else with them but it’s just not the same! So I’m snacking on my cereal and accepting that this is my life right now.

Darrin comes home tonight for the first time since April 9th!!!

*cue excitement*

I’m making pancakes as a celebration dinner so that’ll be super exciting. But for right now, let’s get to the weeks little moments of happy.

DAY 121

My Roxy.

DAY 122

Today, after almost 3 years, I finally made my first loaf of gluten free bread. It turned out so well *pats self on back* So obviously I had to make a (freakin delicious) sandwich. Spinach, zucchini, a Hilary’s burger, chickpeas, and ketchup. SO GOOD. So happy that I took advantage of the rainy morning to do something different and take on the gluten free bread baking adventure.

DAY 123

Randomly decided that this week I’m taking a break from my regular workout routine and doing whatever I please. Today I ran 2 miles, biked 5, and did a 50 minute yoga practice. I loved it because it was random and based on nothing but fun. I think that I’ll naturally navigate towards doing more yoga this week instead of neglecting it a bit whenever I’m focused on my workouts. Both are important! But yoga is just a little more of a priority. And when it’s not, it should be. Excited to see what else I do this week and give myself a chance to hit the refresh button and start something different next week. I have a few ideas in mind and I’m excited. But I want to see how this week plays out and whatnot first.

DAY 124

When you come home from a long day and get yourself a tall bottle of watermelon juice. Today after I left my “real job” I went to work on something else for the thing I’m passionate about, Create N Plate. At first I wasn’t feeling it. I just wanted to go home and eat. But I grabbed a clif bar instead and went to do my thing. I had so much fun! Seriously it was awesome. And that’s why I keep spreading my message and working on things when I’m sometimes not really feeling it… Because I love it and I’m passionate about it. To find something that you love that much is really something special.

DAY 125

I’ve had a sandwich for dinner every night for the past 4 days. I worked out with my friend tonight and had a great time. Then I came home and wanted something quick for dinner, aka this sandwich. Bread, spinach, another Hilary’s burger, zucchini, and bbq sauce. AMAZING // grateful for so many simple dinner combinations that I somehow am able to come up with that I love so much that I just keep eating over and over again.

DAY 126

Tonight my mom bought me 250 pounds of bananas. Yes, 250 pounds. They were on sale and she asked me how many to get. I told her to get them all and had no idea it would be so many!! That’s like 6 boxes worth and usually I buy one, maybe two boxes at a time! But she got them all for $50 which is such a good deal! Looks like I’ll be peeling lots of bananas and filling up the freezer soon! No complaints though, just happy banana vibes.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for joining me for another week and share with me you’re little moments of gratitude!

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