Gratitude Project – Week 16

Hey, hey! How’s it going this week? I’m laying in bed after a great day in Pittsburgh typing this when it’s 2 hours past my bedtime. But that’s okay because I want to get this up and I also don’t have to get up early tomorrow. So yay for that! I had a super nice week overall and just felt as if I floated through the week without a real sense of time because I kept myself so busy. I set goals and I almost achieved them all! Almost is good enough for me because I worked hard and I’m proud of what I accomplished. It’s all about progress, not perfection.

Enough of that though. I could write a whole post about that on it’s own. And maybe I will. But for now we’re going to get to the important task at hand which is sharing this weeks little bits of gratitude. Let’s go!

DAY 107

Today was perfect. I went to a vegan picnic today and got to spend the afternoon talking with so many awesome people while eating good food! Afterwards I headed to Ohio to spend time with Darrin and we ate pizza and tacos (vegan obviously) followed by this donut and a blackberry stuffed peanut butter cookie, both from Gluuteny Bakery. They were both SO GOOD. Now I’m laying here drenching myself in aloe because I got quite sunburnt so far this weekend. But that’s okay because I had such a lovely day with so many great people!

DAY 108

I woke up this morning in a small town in Ohio. I ate a ton of pineapple for breakfast and went hiking all morning and into the afternoon. The sun was out all day long and it was so warm. I had to wear a sweatshirt most of the time because of my sunburn (yes it’s as red as it looks in the picture and yes it’s miserable) but I didn’t even care because I was outside in nature with my favorite person. Mid afternoon I had to make the 4 hour drive home. I drove with the windows down and listened to Coachella performances on Sirius radio the whole way home feeling so content and full of bliss.

DAY 109

Tonight was the first fire of the season. I picked a stick off of a tree and broke out the (vegan) marshmallows along with some chocolate to eat with them. I love spending warm nights out by a fire hanging out and now that I opened up a fresh bag of marshmallows it looks like I need to make this happen again very soon.

DAY 110

I made the best dinner ever tonight and it was so easy! I came home from working late, worked out, did yoga, then threw some rice into the rice cooker. While it cooked I went for a walk with the dogs and then came home to finish cooking dinner. I roasted chickpeas, made edamame, corn, and mixed that all together with rice and bbq sauce. I ate it with a side of romaine and sriracha which was amazing/ After that I worked on Create N Plate stuff until right now and today I’m grateful for this moment when I’m going to post this and can remove myself from my electronics. I haven’t done anything online “for fun” since last week and the longer I go, the less I miss it and want to just live in the present. But at the same time I miss watching YouTube videos and can’t wait to finally catch up on them all (hopefully) tomorrow.

DAY 111

When you come home from working late and get to sit outside with a perfectly ripe watermelon. Afterwards you go for a bike ride while listening to the newest Rich Roll podcast and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Then you come back, make waffles for dinner, walked the dogs, and upload some new Create N Plate content on the blog and YouTube. These are the things that make me so unbelievably happy and I make sure to do them as often as possible to keep myself grounded and motivated to do my best each day.

DAY 112

I don’t have much to say today! Just feeling content with life currently and I think that explains enough. 

DAY 113

I just got home from my last hangout with Caitlin for the near future because she’s moving. It’s okay though because she’s going to Miami so you know where I’ll be going sometime . We celebrated by attempting to make dinner and then ditching that idea and going for Burgatory vegan burgers // I’m so grateful for friendships that are created through social media and then develop into real life friendships as well. All of my friends who I’ve made through social media are so amazing in so many ways and that fact that we can all come together and are able to develop awesome relationships around things that were both passionate about and have in common is something that I appreciate so much.

Catch you next week, friends. Share with me your moments that you’re most grateful for. I’d love to hear.

Much love, and happy earth day!

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