Gratitude Project – Week 14

I’m back again to share little bits of gratitude from my week. This week was chilly and I found myself hibernating. I was so good at getting out each day throughout the winter. But now that it’s officially Spring I am over the cold temperatures and ready for sunshine and flip flops! That’s not the case here currently though. It’s supposed to snow this weekend and my hibernation habits will continue. I’m trying to make the most out of my time inside before it’s actually nice out though!

Let’s get to it!

DAY 93

Today I’m grateful for my warm and cozy bed. Mainly because it’s snowing! But also because I’m not feeling well and have a comfy place to be miserable in peace.

DAY 94

What an awesome day! Started out the day at Orangetheory, the co-op, and then a waffle filled brunch at Eden with Caitlin. And I got snickerdoodle ice cream which I am SO EXCITED about!

DAY 95

I got Japanese sweet potatoes at Whole Foods yesterday and obviously had to have some for dinner tonight. I can rarely find Japanese sweet potatoes in grocery stores close to me so whenever I’m in the city I grab as many as I can!

DAY 96

I’ve brought greens back into my life in a major way recently. Today I had a decent day at work followed by a chilly, but nice walk with the dogs once I got home. I was quite tired but I managed to make this Oh She Glows recipe for glowing spiced lentil soup which is amazing! After that I wrote a blog post about my Orangetheory experience and it’s up at right now! Trying to make the most out of my time even when I’m not feeling 100% and have found it to be quite beneficial to me overall! p.s. I added a red pepper dressing to this salad after I took the picture. Yum!

DAY 97

Scenes from today’s grocery haul! Minus the box of bananas that I got as well. I always do self checkout unless I have a box of bananas so today I had to wait in line and actually talk to a real person. The cashier was super friendly and small interactions like that throughout the day make things so nice. I always try to make a point to be extra friendly to people working in customer service because I have been in their position and know how difficult it can be. By being nice and open to having a quick conversation you have the potential to make yours and someone else’s day just a little bit brighter.

DAY 98

Tonight I worked out and then had frozen waffles with almond butter and maple syrup as a post workout snack. I haven’t had frozen waffles since before I was vegan and they were pretty awesome. // Also realized I didn’t have a picture from today that I wanted to share. So here’s a yoga picture from last week!

DAY 99

I’ve been trying to get into a daily juicing routine. I’m curious to see if I notice any benefits from adding fresh juice into my routine. At first I was annoyed with the whole process of cleaning the veggies, juicing, cleaning the juicer, etc. but now I’m really starting to find myself looking forward to the process each day! I love trying to add new things to my routine on occasion and experimenting with the benefits and process!

That’s it for this week! I had a tough week because I wasn’t feeling the best but this project helped me see a little bit of light in each day. 

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