Gratitude Project – Week 13

Friday, Friday. I’m hanging out in bed right now listening to some podcasts and researching some April Fools pranks because I clearly have nothing else to do. Not really. There’s a huge list of things that I need to accomplish, and I will. But doing this important research comes before all of that. 

This week flew by and now it’s April! Awesome. That much closer to warm and happy weather for months. That’s exciting to me and so are these little moments of gratitude that I’m going to share!

DAY 86

It was such a nice and relaxing day. I spent a ton of time reading, made a recipe that I’m excited to share, and got to spend the afternoon outside in the sunshine. Lazy but enjoyable Saturday!

DAY 87

Smoothies are one of the best things. So quick and easy to make, bottle up, and take on the go. I love it! // I spent the day doing family things but got home in time to get in a bike ride and walk with my favorite four legged friend, Roxy. I had plans to do some work stuff but I decided to take it easy and actually use this one day to chill out and not work on anything. I’ll be that much more ready to get it accomplished tomorrow once I take these few hours and rest up. Being exhausted and overworking yourself is not a recipe for success. Sleep and rest is important and I find that I am a lot more productive when I take proper amounts of time to rest up and recharge for all of the work that I want to get accomplished. Being up all night studying or working crazy amounts without proper food and rest breaks isn’t something to brag about. Take care of yourself. It’s important.

DAY 88

Simple dinners are my favorite. Literally the easiest and so delicious! Sweet potatoes, rice, beans, and salsa. I love how I’ve transformed my tastebuds to crave simple foods mostly (and chocolate sometimes) because it leaves me feeling by best and excited for my meals!

DAY 89

Little mid week grocery haul.🏼 I typically grocery shop twice a week and love it. I buy whatever I need or whatever’s on sale at the moment and buy small amounts so that I can switch things up regularly. And go grocery shopping more because it’s one of my favorite things. Today I had some free time so I wandered around the store for longer than usual and enjoy the time as an after work chill out time.

DAY 90

I went for the longest ride of the year so far. Loved every second of it so much. Last year I was struggling with a leg injury that made working out difficult for a long time. Today I had zero issues and I’m so grateful to have healed and be healthy enough to do awesome stuff like biking, yoga, literally anything. It’s so great and being at a point where I am aware of it and think about things like that often is a special thing.

DAY 91

The beast had to get a shower tonight because she rolled around in dog poop in the yard. But she was so cute to watch sitting there looking around while I was scrubbing shampoo on her. Initially she wasn’t into it but by the end she was pretty content. Let’s just hope that doesn’t inspire her to go roll around outside again anytime soon.

DAY 92

Cannot wait for watermelon season… Which is obvious because I’ve been eating it for the past week. Had the whole day to do whatever I wanted after teaching yoga this morning. I spent half of it being productive and the other half being not so productive. I bottled a new batch of kombucha, made chocolate pudding, took the dogs for a walk (find that adventure on snapchat: amandaasmithh), did an awesome workout, and a bunch of other random things. I love days completely to myself because they’re like a mental recharge.

Thanks for sharing more happy things for the week! Share your little gratitude moments below!

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