Gratitude Project – Week 12

I’m laying in bed as I type this getting ready to read a book and have a wild night at home with my peppermint tea. This week flew by somehow and I almost forgot that today was Friday and time to post this! I think it’s great when something like that happens because I am so immersed in the present moment. I just do my thing and keep myself busy with positivity. I enjoy it. But I’m also glad that I realized that I needed to post this today because this is one of my favorite things to share each week. I’m 12 weeks into this project now and haven’t missed a day yet. It has really transformed my life and my viewpoint of the world. It’s really, really great and I love sharing it with anyone who’s interested in listening!

DAY 79

I don’t have a lot to say today. But sometimes those days where you’re not sure what to say are just as meaningful, if not more meaningful, than the days where a million things pop into your head. I had a typical Saturday which was nice and very much enjoyed.

DAY 80

Today was such a nice end to the weekend. I had a delicious lunch and wonderful afternoon with Caitlin! We ate at Amazing Cafe and I tried the Caesar salad which was SO GOOD. I was so excited to see it on the menu today. Then we got some durian to try. It’s my second time attempting to like durian and it just wasn’t doing it for me 😂 Afterwards I met up with Darrin and we went to Whole Foods and Eden, which was also delicious! I drove home and got a post up on the blog and now I’m relaxing a bit before I go to bed. // I cannot stress enough the importance of finding people who resonate with you and truly are people you have genuine connections with. It’s so important and such a positive thing to incorporate into your life. I’m particular with the people I surround myself with and I am so happy for that because it allows me to focus my attention and energy towards relationships and things that actually bring something positive into my life. Don’t settle for less than amazing friendships/relationships. There are people out there that understand you and enjoy the things you do. Put yourself out there and find those people. It is so rewarding and important to do.

DAY 81

Today I walked into work and someone I work with gave me some coupons that they got for So Delicious yogurt because they know that I eat it when I’m working often. It was such a small gesture but was so nice of him to think of me and bring them for me. It’s not something I would have thought much about before doing this project but now I noticed it and it brightened up my Monday.

DAY 82

I eat pretty simple and basic foods for the most part. Every once in a while though I come across something that I have to try. I found bbq jackfruit from The Jackfruit Company at Whole Foods the other day and knew that I needed to try it because jackfruit is one of my favorite fruits. IT. IS. AMAZING. I think it’s an awesome product for people who are looking for some type of meat substitute while trying to transition to veganism or a great product for anyone to add to their meals. So many new vegan products are popping up and i love to try them and support the companies. Showing companies that there is a demand for vegan products is the reason why so many awesome things like this bbq jackfruit is available. Vote with your wallet and contribute to the growing trend/passion of veganism.

DAY 83

I went for a run this afternoon and then tried to do a handstand on a hill by a cool looking tree to get a picture of it. I fell and cut my foot up pretty bad. So I decided to ditch that idea and just do it on the porch instead. // Headstands are the easiest inversion for me (forearm stands being the most challenging) and I often neglect them for that reason that they’re simple. But I always forget how fun it is to play around with them too. If I wouldn’t have made the mistake of trying to do a handstand in a bad location, hurting myself, and being annoyed about it then I wouldn’t have gave headstands a thought. It reminded me that getting so focused on one or two things blinds us from seeing other things that we once loved and enjoyed. It’s always good to stay curious and open to practicing new (but in this case old) things that can bring benefit and happiness into our lives and remember that one unfortunate experience can lead to a positive and uplifting one.

DAY 84

Sometimes you just need a simple green smoothie in your life. I had plans of what I wanted to get done this afternoon but some of that stuff didn’t work out. Instead of getting frustrated I channeled that drive towards doing something on my website that I’ve been dreading doing. It’s repetitive work and it’s not at all fun but something that I know I need to do. So I worked on that for the allotted time I set for the other failed plan. I could have easily gave up and just browsed the internet all night. But I knew that wouldn’t help me grow, and that’s what I want to do. So I set out to do something and now that I’m done and relaxing I’m so glad I made it happen. Work towards your goals everyday in some way. Just get out there and do it, and drink a green smoothie along the way.

DAY 85

Today is short and simple. I’m grateful for all of the fresh foods that I have available to me, yoga, and my willingness to continuously educate myself on a wide variety of topics. 

That’s it for this week! Thanks for sharing these happy moments with me. I’d love to hear about your gratitude moments, too!

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