Gratitude Post – Week 11

I’m really excited to be sharing this week because it’s officially the last week of winter! YES. I am so excited about that even though it is supposed to snow on Sunday. It’s fine, it’s fine. I know that the end is near now so I can accept that fact.

This week I share a lot of food pictures. I didn’t even realize that until I started writing this out. There’s obviously nothing wrong with food snaps, but I want to document variety! So that’s going to be a goal for the upcoming weeks gratitude posts. Let’s make that happen!

DAY 72

Biked 15 miles, spent time with Darrin, went for a walk with him and Roxy, ate ice cream, did my workout outside, got sunburnt, and just spent my entire day doing things that I wanted to do and that made me happy.

DAY 73

Today I didn’t feel that great and I literally only got out of bed to eat breakfast, to say goodbye to Darrin when he left for the week, and for dinner which was this. 🏼All day as I just laid in bed I thought about how much I could have gotten done today but couldn’t bring myself to do any of the things. So I just laid there messing around online and let that be my day. It’s okay to have “worthless” days like this and honestly I probably don’t give them to myself enough. Right now I’m coloring and colored the prettiest picture of flowers. It boosted up my day and it’s really nice to end the weekend on a simple note like this.

DAY 74

I’ve come a long way with my relationship with food. I eat so many plants but I also have my fair share of ice cream. I don’t count calories, but if I do it’s simply out of curiosity and a fun random thing. I don’t diet or feel the need to. I rarely ever crave anything because I eat what my body wants and I eat enough of it. I do all of that each day and find everything revolving around food to be quite effortless. I’ve surrounded myself with others who are similar in their ways and beliefs. I live in my little world of primarily plant based vegan friends where we get excited about food and love it. Spending my time with these type of people often makes me forget that this isn’t normal. Normal is dieting, weighing yourself, exercising because of self hate and not out of self love, associating foods as “good” and “bad” and trying to stay away from special treats, calorie counting, denying a slice of cake at a celebration, etc. So many people still do all of that and more while seeing it as completely normal. It’s bothersome to me because it doesn’t have to be that way. You can live a life where you have food freedom and live in peace with your relationship with food. It is possible and it is so easy. Go vegan. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Eat plants everyday. Eat ice cream and cakes some days. Focus more on how you feel. 

DAY 75

Greens! I’ve been eating more greens lately and feeling so amazing as a result.

DAY 76

Any day that you have pancakes for dinner is a good day. Had a pretty simple day today and it was just what I needed. Laying in bed watching YouTube videos, the best way to end the evening. 

DAY 77

Green smoothie before my workout that I decided to do outside which was not my best idea since it was extremely windy and cold out. I got it done though and got to watch an awesome sunset afterwards.

DAY 78

Today felt so easy. I had things I wanted to accomplish and I also had relaxing things that I wanted to do. I managed to balance it all out in what felt like a perfect timeframe. I think some things that have helped me do that was making a list, staying off my phone (for the most part), and just being present in my day and my tasks. Love it!

That’s it for this week. Thanks for sharing these little bits of happiness with me. Much love

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