What I Ate – Starbucks & Ben + Jerrys

Why is everyone so fascinated with what everyone else eats? Do you ever check out Youtube videos and see how many “What I Ate” videos exist and how much positive feedback people receive for doing them? It’s crazy!

But you know what, I’m into them too. I’m into sharing what I ate and I’m interested in seeing what others eat.

The reason that I like to share what I eat is so that people can see that living a vegan lifestyle isn’t boring, hard, or expensive. By giving everyone a peek into my daily eats I can help spread that message. 

And I like to see what other people eat basically for inspiration in my own daily life. People can be so darn creative with plant foods. It’s awesome.

If you want to check out this post in video form, head over to my Youtube channel and check it out!


For breakfast I had an acai bowl. I added a mango Bai drink and topped it with kiwi, chia seeds, and coconut. YUM.


Any chance I get to make pancakes, it happens. I just made vanilla almond pancakes topped with blueberries, coconut almond butter, and coconut. Oh and maple syrup. Never forget the maple syrup.


Darrin and I went grocery shopping and to dinner. On the way there I had a green smoothie consisting of spinach, bananas, and almond milk. A simple favorite of mine!


We got Chinese for dinner and the waitress couldn’t understand my questions about the sauces they had so I ended up with steamed veggies and white rice. Very plain, but I was content!


Afterwards I grabbed a vanilla soy latte from Starbucks. I usually go for green tea but something was telling me to go with the latte tonight, so I did!

We ended the night by finishing off the pint of this Ben + Jerrys while watching Netflix documentaries. No other way I’d prefer to spend a Saturday night, to be honest.

That’s it! Let me know if you like posts like this. They’re easy for me to do (as long as I remember to document all of my food) and fun too!

Also, remember that this is just one day of eating for me. Each day is quite different and that’s okay! While looking at these type of posts it’s important to realize this and never compare your own dietary choices to mine or anyone else’s. Eat what makes you feel good and eat as much as you need to satisfy your body!

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