Gratitude Project – Week 9

March is officially upon us this week which means one thing… Spring!! Warmer days, chirping birds, and blooming plants will burst into our lives once more. And I am so excited! This week was kind of tough for me because I worked a bit more than usual and went to a Penguins Hockey game but overall it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. Which is exactly what you’re going to see starting right now!

DAY 58

Went on a spontaneous adventure tonight with Darrin that involved buying discounted acai, eating a pretty great dinner, and finding this strawberry lemonade from Evolution Fresh that I’ve been wanting to try! I saw it at Starbucks the other day and have been looking for it ever since. I was so excited to find it and loved it so much that I think I need to try my own homemade version of it soon.

DAY 59

Day 59: Got to spend this beautiful day outside exploring. Walking around in nature for hours and seeing what you can find is always special, especially when it’s one of the first nice days of the year. Nothing better than hearing the leaves crunch beneath your feet, sun shining in your face, and spending time with your best friend without any other places to be or things to do.

DAY 60

My sister and I took a pottery class tonight! I took a clay class in high school and loved it but haven’t done anything since. I’m really considering getting back into it consistently though and am so excited that I got to have a reintroduction to it tonight. I’m already excited thinking about all the food pictures I can take on pottery I make

DAY 61

March is here and I’m so excited about it. Spring occurs this month and that means that another winter is over with. So many creative ideas and inspirations occur whenever nature starts to come alive again. I think of all of the possibilities that I can make my reality and it makes me want to work as hard as I can to create as much as I can. Today I got to practice yoga outside in my bare feet and go on a walk in just a sweatshirt. Even though it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow, I’m not letting it bring down my excitement for all of the fun upcoming warm weather things. Mainly biking, honestly. But everything else too!

DAY 62

So my sister, got a puppy today. She’s a cute little girl and now Roxy will have a friend to play with. // Always adopt/rescue animas if you’re looking to bring one into your life. When I got Roxy she was in the yard of her previous owners friends house with all of her belongings and I went and picked her up there. They bought her from a pet store and just disposed of her as quickly as they purchased her. I’m grateful for the fact that they brought her into my life but it is so important to always adopt and rescue animals in need. I actually spend a lot of time trying to come up with ways to help more animals put in situations like Roxy’s and have yet to come up with a unique idea. But I’ll keep brainstorming until something comes up.

DAY 63

Bought some Get Go sushi tonight for the first time on my way to the Penguins game 🐧 It was honestly awesome which I was pretty excited about considering the fact that it’s gas station sushi 🙈 I’ll definitely be getting it again! // Had a great night at the hockey game with Darrin too. I used to go to a lot of hockey games each season but somehow this was the first one I’ve been to this year and it was a great game! 

DAY 64

Last night I started to notice a bit of pain in my leg that I mysteriously injured last year. Today I took a rest day and this evening it’s feeling much better. Even though I really wanted to workout today, I decided to just postpone my planned workout for tomorrow instead. I’m so glad I made that choice because I feel like I’ll be good to go tomorrow and if I would have just ignored it and worked out then I might be dealing with an irritated injury that I don’t want anything to do with. So instead, I fueled my body with good foods and hung out pretty much all day before and after work. All is well and I can credit that all to being aware and listening to how I feel. 

That’s all I got for this week! Coming hopefully within the next week are some new recipes and a monthly goals post for this month. Much love!

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