Gratitude Project – Week 8

Well hey there, it’s that time again! The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe that February is basically over. Crazy!! I’m so ready to get things kicked into Spring gear though. Bring it on! I’m ready to ditch boots and sweaters for canvas shoes and light jackets. 

Some awesome things happened this past week that I’m so excited to share! Let’s get right into it so that I can get back in the kitchen and work on a donut recipe that you might be seeing right here within the next week or so. Exciting stuff!

DAY 51

I found them!! Wegmans only had these two flavors so we got them both obviously. I was/am so excited. Honestly though, they’re not my favorite. If I had to pick I’d say the Chunky Monkey is the best out of the two but I would take So Delicious products over these any day. But with that being said, I am still so excited that these products are a thing because it is bringing vegan products to a lot of people who wouldn’t necessarily be interested in them. Any new vegan products coming out are a good thing! I’m going to buy the other two flavors of these when I find them, but I’d say that taste testing two of them is enough for one day.

DAY 52

Went to a nice meet up today at B52 with some lovely people. Afterwards Caitlin and I got a jackfruit and snacked on it while talking about our cereal obsessions.

DAY 53

Pancakes for dinner, don’t mind if I do. It was such a beautiful day today. I came home from work and held myself accountable for doing everything I planned out this morning. I dreaded doing it a bit until I actually started and then I was so glad to be working. Discipline is so important when working towards something. I don’t always feel motivated to do stuff, but I give it a shot anyways and most of the time I end up really getting into it and am grateful for starting in the first place.

DAY 54

I’ve hardly been on my computer for non work related things recently. It’s strange, but also refreshing. I feel like time goes by in a different way these days; almost like water flowing down a stream. It just flows with ease, not resistance or panic.

I wake up and workout, eat breakfast, and get ready for work. I go to work and accept that I need to be there and sitting at that desk for some hours each day to work towards where I want to be when I will no longer need that as a part of my life. But for now, I accept it and I take in all I can from the experience. After work I come home, practice yoga, and walk the dogs. I let the rest of the evening unfold into what I feel is best for the moment. I’m naturally being drawn toward things that require my attention; reading, writing, drawing, yoga, etc. and I feel so much more positive throughout my days. I’m at ease sitting here writing this knowing that I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow, but also recognizing that what will happen tomorrow does not need to clutter today, right now. 
So today I’m not really sure what specifically I’m grateful for. I guess I’ll say I’m grateful for my awareness, the ability to be mindful and accept the now. 

DAY 55

Ben & Jerry’s collection = complete! Even though I wasn’t really feeling the first two I tried, I had to buy the other two! I didn’t try them yet (tomorrow!!) but I was so excited to find them in my town. Vegan products are becoming so much more easily accessible and it is so awesome! Making it much easier for people to transition and making it much more exciting for people like me who started out as a vegan with very few options in my area. Change is happening.

DAY 56

I bought jackfruit chips from Trader Joes the other day and I am obsessed. They are SO GOOD. I almost ate the whole bag already. But managed to put some of my afternoon banana ice cream snack!

DAY 57

Today I opened up the door to let Roxy back inside and she was sitting there just like this waiting for me. She’s such a good girl and each day is always brightened with her presence.

And there we have it. If you’re on Instagram and not following along each day, you can find me here! If not, you can catch the weeks review right here. I’m off to get working on those donuts and I hope that you’re all off to something just as fun (and delicious)!

*I tried all of the Ben & Jerry’s non dairy flavors. I really enjoyed the PB Cookie and Coffee Caramel Crunch flavors much more than the Chunky Monkey and Fudge Brownie. But give ’em a try for yourself and let me know which ones you’re into!

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