When I was making the transition to veganism I had one main concern. How would I live without ice cream?! I live in a small town and the vegan ice cream options at the grocery store are slowly blooming, but 3 years ago it was a pretty sad scene. Back then banana ice cream wasn’t as big as it is now and I didn’t know about it until months after making the switch. But ever since I discovered it, it’s been a pretty passionate relationship. 

There is nothing better than being able to wake up, workout, and have ice cream for breakfast. Right?! I mean, sure you could have actual ice cream for breakfast but it won’t leave you feeling as energized and ready for your day as banana ice cream will!

Today’s ice cream recipe is all about adding in a little extra nutritional kick. I added in some Spiral Spring spirulina to get a nice green color, a unique flavor, and extra nutrients.

What exactly will spirulina do for me?

Spirulina has many health benefits including strengthening immune systems, boosting energy, high source of protein, anti-oxidents, iron, B-vitamins, and many other benefits! Spiral Spring spirulina is certified organic which will give you a high quality product that will give you lasting results.

You can add spirulina into almost anything, with my favorite thing being banana ice cream! For this recipe I tried out both the Sprial Spring Powder (pictured above) and the Choco Spring (pictured below), both of which you can find here.

Use the code: CreatePlate20 for an extra 20% off of your purchase!


serves 2

3 frozen bananas
2 scoops Spiral Spring Spirulina*
1 tablespoon almond milk
Ice cream cones

Blend together bananas, spirulina, and almond milk. With an ice cream scooper, scoop ice cream into cones. Serve, enjoy!

*I tried out the Spiral Spring powder and the Choco Spring powder. Both yield very delicious results and whichever you choose is based on your own preference!

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