Gratitude Project – Week 7

Hey, hey! Welcome to another week of gratitude! I’m quite late on getting this posted. But I have good reasons. I’ve been super busy living in the moment. This (Monday night) is the first time I’ve opened up my computer since Saturday morning. Big deal!! I was out and about Friday night, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday. So many adventures that I plan on sharing right here within the next few days. But before we get to all of that good stuff, we’re going to jump right into last weeks Instagram gratitude posts!

DAY 44

Today consisted of buying lots of groceries, trying to stay warm, eating a frozen pizza, and watching Blackfish with Darrin // I’ve been into (re)watching documentaries lately and I think it’s about time I try to find a few new ones to check out. I’ll let you know what I find!

DAY 45

Since its Valentine’s Day I feel like today I should write something about how grateful that I am for Darrin. And even though that’s so true, that’s not something I’m going to do. Darrin knows how I feel about him, because I tell him. I don’t need to share it here to make it “real.” (Even though there is nothing wrong with doing that. If that’s your thing, keep it up!) We have a blog that I document all the little memories of our relationship on. It’s wonderful and I love to be able to look back upon it. And honestly I think it’s more meaningful and genuine because it’s just for us, not an audience on social media. I’ve been posting on there for almost a year now and there are so many things that I never would have remembered without writing them down when it happened. Little details of our experiences, things that meant a lot at the time but easily slipped my mind as new memories were made. I love that blog and it’s a creative outlet for me like no other.Today I’m grateful for the idea of creating that blog and sticking with it.

DAY 46

Day 46: tonight I came home from work and had plans to do a lot of stuff online. I had a post I wanted to get on the blog. I’ve been vlogging lately as well, mainly as a fun and creative outlet. So I had a video I wanted to post on YouTube. I ate dinner and opened up my computer to find that my internet wasn’t working. Instead of getting frustrated I decided to put my energy towards something else and got out a coloring book I got for Christmas. 🖍 I ended up coloring for quite a while longer than the Internet disappeared and it was such a nice way to spend the evening.

DAY 47

Tonight I bought the Way Of Gray workout plan and I’m so excited to start it! Other highlights from the evening include Vegan Treats chocolate and very productive Create N Plate work despite my extremely slow internet (which is actually getting switched next Friday!)

DAY 48

Tonight I was catching up on YouTube videos and watched a video called “I Miss My Mommy” that Izzy Davis posted a few days ago. I recommend that everyone goes and watches it. It really touched me and gave me that little reminder of why I do what I do. But it also gave me the chance to think about things and realize that there is so much more that I want to do for the animals (and environment) but have yet to act upon. I want to share more than just nice yoga pictures and food shots. That’s initially what I did with this page and I want to get back to that. So I will. But until I formulate how exactly to go about that I’m going to keep eating delicious dairy free ice creams like this banana ice cream cone. Cherry, pineapple, and spirulina blended with bananas and piled on top of a cone. No animals were harmed in the making of this tasty treat.

DAY 49

Somedays I don’t have a lot to say. Today is one of those days. Grateful for easy leftover dinners, sunshine, and chocolate.

DAY 50

I’ve really been getting into podcasts lately and I’m wondering why I never listened to them much before. Today I started formulating a list of some of my favorites that I’ll share soon. But if for some reason you’ve never checked them out like me, go do it! // This was breakfast. Spiral Spring spirulina ice cream topped with kiwi, Nature’s Path Organic granola, and Frieda’s dragon fruit

That’s all for this week! Things have been really great lately and I’m so glad that I’m documenting little bits of my days to reflect back on. Hope you’re doing the same!

Much love!

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