Gratitude Project – Week 5

Another week has flown by! Seriously. I usually share the past weeks gratitude posts on Friday but yesterday I didn’t realize that it was time again. I knew it was Friday, but it didn’t really register that it was actually Friday. Does that make sense? 

This week I picked up an extra day at work, met up with a friend, and enjoyed some abnormally warm weather. This winter has been fairly mild and easier for me to accept than past winters. It’s awesome but also a mystery because I’m just like, “How is this happening??” But it’s totally awesome and I’m appreciating every second of it. I like to believe that the fact that I am spending more time outside, working on being in the present moment, and consistently working out have really factored into all of it and made things much easier for me.

I woke up this morning and went to the gym. I really enjoy going early in the morning because it gives me a chance to get most of my workout in before it starts to get busy. I like the people who are also in there in the mornings. It’s nice to see familiar faces each day and joke around throughout our workouts. 

I have plans to go to an antique store later this afternoon and I’m excited. First I want to try to finish up a recipe I’m working on that I hope to share sometime soon. I better get to it! But first, let’s reflect on this past weeks little moments of gratitude.

DAY 30

Wonderful lunch today with Darrin and Caitlin at Eden! So nice to finally get together with Caitlin again and I can’t wait to do it again soon! We had a nice time catching up and eating delicious vegan foods🍴

DAY 31

Today the weather was so beautiful. I spent my day doing yoga, walking the dogs, driving with my window down, being barefoot in the (dead) grass and laying in the sun reading a new book. I really wanted to go for a run but it’s my only rest day of the week so I listened to my body instead and just hung out. A day like this is just what I need to get me through the next few months of cold and snowy weather!

DAY 32

Today I completed a yoga challenge that I was doing. I’ve reflected upon it and am writing a post for the blog, which I’ll share once it gets fixed. I say this a lot and actually just posted about it over at @createnyoga but I am so grateful for my yoga practice. It shows me how to work through things and see the bigger picture. I learn more and more each day I roll out my mat. I love it so much and I want to be able to share it with as many people as I can. I’ve been thinking of a few ways to do so and once I get my site fixed I think I’m going to try out a few of my ideas. Channeling all of my negative feelings regarding website issues towards new and positive creations.

DAY 33

Today I finally got my website back up and running. I am so relieved. Also in bed on this chilly evening getting ready to read some of the book I’m currently into called The Lost Years. Content.

p.s. I finished The Lost Years and absolutely loved it. It was such an easy read, I couldn’t put the book down! It’s a book about battling addiction from the perspective of the struggling daughter and her mother. It’s so well written and I got so involved with the story so quickly. I really recommend it!

DAY 34

Such a nice day! I had a busy day at work followed by a walk with the dogs, a yoga practice outside, and ice cream eating with Darrin. 

p.s. this was breakfast. Cookie dough banana ice cream topped with pineapple, mango, persimmon, kiwi, goji berries, and hemp seeds!

DAY 35

I somehow managed to get everything done on my to-do list with time left over. Made a smoothie recipe that I shared here and feel inspired to get back in the grove with my recipe creations!

See you all next week for more bits and pieces of positivity! Much love. xo

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