30 Days Of Yoga

It’s no secret that I’m really into yoga. It’s awesome and I love it. I can (and will) go on forever whenever someone brings it up. Sorry, not sorry! I just want to share the positive energy and benefits that I’ve received from having a regular practice for 3 years now. 

While my practice was always fairly consistent, I did have an occasional few days of not practicing here and there. That’s totally normal and okay! But I wanted to hold myself accountable for a daily practice. Around the same time that I was thinking this was when Yoga With Adrienne announced Yoga Camp. I decided to give it a shot. Yoga Camp took place on Youtube where Adrienne shared a yoga video each day for the month of January. Every day there was a 30 ish minute yoga practice focused around the mantra for the day. Honestly, the mantras attached to the practice each day were what had me hooked. The more days passed, the more I loved Yoga Camp. I found myself using the mantras in my daily life and transforming my thoughts.

The mantras are simple and can easily be focused on whatever you feel drawn to focusing them on at the time. Some days I had to be creative with my mantra focus and other days I instantly knew what I needed to focus on. It always kept things fun and exciting to see what the mantra of the day would be. I would actually check the video first thing in the morning to see what the mantra was and then go throughout my day until practice with that specific mantra in mind. I loved it!

I’m used to practicing more of a vinyasa or Strala based flow. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Yoga Camp. It’s very laid back and easily accessible to all levels of yogis. Literally everyone can do this series, which is so great! I practiced with ease each day and never felt the need to “test my limits” which is usually something I do (and something I’m working on improving.) Then I end up injuring myself whenever I’m letting my ego take hold which makes it seem like I’m not where I should be. But really, I’m exactly where I need to be and so are you!

After I finished with all of the videos I began to come up with my own daily mantras. I use them in my practice but find that they’re still carrying on throughout my days as well. I plan to continue my daily practice and continue coming up with mantras and little snippets of positivity that I can infuse into my day.

My yoga transformation has been so special to me and I’m always looking for ways to switch it up and further my practice. It’s fun and has become such a passion of mine. That’s why I’m talking about it today! It’s a wonderful thing to incorporate into your daily life no matter how you go about doing so. Try to make it a fun challenge to take on for the next month. You don’t need a crazy amount of time or a fancy yoga mat to start. All you need is just around 30 minutes each day. All of us can take an extra 30 minutes out of our day to give ourselves the time to practice yoga. And if you’re absolutely unable to fit in 30 minutes then go for 5-10 minutes. Anything is better than nothing! Make it a priority and carve out a place in your schedule to fit it in. I’ve started doing it as soon as I get home from the gym in the morning or right after my afternoon walk with my dogs. That’s become my time(s) and I crave it each day so I make sure to make it happen no matter what else is going on. 

I currently don’t lead classes like I wish to. It’s unrealistic for me to be able to do so at the time so I wanted to share what I could instead! I feel like this is an easy way to bring a yoga discussion onto this site and hopefully give me the chance to open up and share more about my yoga practice as time goes on. 

You can find all of the Yoga Camp videos here. Head over there and check it out! Let me know what you think and have a happy yoga flow! xo

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