Gratitude Project – Week 4

We’re four weeks into 2016 and basically done with January.

*does backflips through the snow*

January is a tough month for me because I’m a tropical creature living in a not so tropical Pennsylvania. I’ve been handling it much better this year than previous years. But honestly I’m still missing sunshine and temperatures above 30 degrees.

This project is helping though because each day I need to keep in mind what I’m grateful for. So no matter how frustrated I am with winter, I’m still able to find something that lights up my life which is so important!

DAY 23

Today I’m grateful for banana ice cream breakfasts. On work days I usually just eat oatmeal because it’s easier and keeps me full longer. But I still love my fruity breakfasts so much and now I’m able to make them a special occasion. Plus I went grocery shopping and got some fresh fruit last night which was not an easy task because I could hardly find anything ripe. But I managed to grab a few things. // This is banana ice cream with mango True Organic Juice and topped with more mango, passion fruit, and pears.

DAY 24

It’s been a typical Sunday. I slept in (7 a.m. is sleeping in these days) and then Darrin and I made breakfast. I’m trying to talk him into doing a Tough Mudder this year. Not sure if it’s going to happen or not but I’m trying! I spent my afternoon working on the blog, walking the dogs, and doing yoga. I like to have relaxing Sunday’s before I start a new week of work, gym, and all other life adventures.

DAY 25

Sometimes you just need a simple bowl of mango to brighten up your afternoon šŸŒž The sun was shining and it felt quite warm today so Roxy and I got to enjoy our walk a bit more than usual! Also my mom took my car to work today and she washed it for me on the way home which was super nice even though it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.

DAY 26

I feel like my weekdays are so routine during the winter because I’m stuck inside more and can’t go explore as much. Instead of getting sucked into the Internet world tonight I wrote and reflected on how I can take more steps towards making my visions a reality. Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of being online too much again and I’ve realized that I need to step back from it a bit (basically I should check Instagram like 4 times a day and not 44). Self reflect. Find a few things that you can recognized that need a bit of help and improvement.

DAY 27

Today I’m so grateful to be injury free. A year ago I hurt my leg so badly and struggled with the injury for months. It held me back from fully practicing yoga and working out like I wanted. Up until very recently I have been super cautious of what I do physically but I am finally to a place, a year later, where I am 100% comfortable to push myself and my limits with my leg. It’s such a good feeling.

DAY 28

Today is simple. Today I’m so grateful for chocolate and my overflowing stash of it šŸ« p.s. this is carob ice cream with coconut sugar and a few pieces of a pumpkin spice chocolate bar.

DAY 29

This morning Roxy and I went outside and played in the snow for a while. She gets so excited and loves it so much. Seeing her so excited about it makes me happy too. Everyday we go for a walk and I think that’s why I’m dealing with winter fairly well this year. She looks forward to it each day and getting outside is good for both of us. I don’t think I’d do it without her though so I’m grateful for her excitement and energy to go for walks everyday.

Catch you all next week for some fun, new gratitude pictures and thoughts!

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