Gratitude Project – Week 2

Well I’ve made it through the second week of my project so that means I only have 50 more to go! This week was a little tougher trying to find gratitude in my days of snowy work commutes and evenings of just wanting to lay in bed under a ton of blankets and binge watch Youtube videos. But I did it! And I’m so glad that I did. 

Let’s get started with week two!


Today wasn’t anything special but that’s what I liked. It was pretty warm and sunny out so instead of reading and watching Netflix like I planned, I changed things up and went outside! I found a new tree to do fun yoga poses by 🌳 and took some pictures with my “real” camera instead of my iPhone 📷 that’s something I’ve been trying to get back into more and I go in spurts with being successful at that but I made an attempt today and that’s what matters 😊 Oh and I also took the doggies for a walk in the warmth of the sunshine 🌞

DAY 10

Today I began cleaning files off of my computer that I don’t need on it. I have a lot of stuff on an external hard drive already but have kept things on my computer as well when it’s not necessary. Once I get my computer all cleaned up then I’m moving on to my phone and making more space on it as well. Definitely something I’ve needed to do and have dreading doing for a while now. But today I set out to get the job done (or at least started). Creating space and organization in all aspects of my life this month.

DAY 11

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.33.51 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.33.51 AM.png

Today I got up, went to the gym, worked, and came home to do yoga, eat dinner, and basically nothing else 🙈 Today I’m grateful for this chocolate shake and being able to park my car in the garage in these frigid temps.

DAY 12

Short but sweet! Snowy playtime with my little peanut.

DAY 13

Today I had a busy day at work and got to come home to have a very chill evening of yoga, food, and watching a million YouTube videos. I usually try to do something productive each evening after work but tonight I just wasn’t feeling it so I took the night to do nothing which is so great to do on occasion! 
p.s. Mango, beet, and banana ice cream 🍌🍌 Loved this so much!!

DAY 14

Today I tracked all of my food just because I was curious to see approximately where I stand with calories and macros. I didn’t do anything differently with how I eat and I basically ate the same exact thing as yesterday. I was still very close to the 80/10/10 ratio which actually surprised me a bit because I thought I was eating more fats and proteins than that. But there’s nothing wrong with that at all. I’m not trying to reach any set goals for macros or anything. It was just a surprise! 🍌 As for my calories I was around 2,300 which I’m really content with as well. I’m at a point where I’m eating intuitively and eating a variety of plant foods. // But it just goes to show that calories are not your enemy. You need to eat enough to fuel your mind and body. I always eat as much as I want when I want it and feel great each day. Don’t be afraid of calories. Eat until you’re satisfied and full (of vegan food 😉)

DAY 15

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 9.36.45 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-15 at 9.36.45 PM.png

Today I made a recipe for the blog for the first time in about a month! I took an unexpected break from recipe creating and now I’m ready to get back into it. I had so much fun in the kitchen this afternoon and can’t wait to get back to it regularly starting now!

That’s all for this week. I am excited to continue on with this project. I think that it’s tougher for me to do in the winter because I don’t have as many fun and adventurous things happening but I am embracing the struggles and learning to look for gratitude in smaller places throughout my life.

Much love. xo

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