Chocolate Christmas Cookies – Raw Vegan

Raw Vegan Chocolate CookiesRaw Vegan Chocolate Cookies

Raw Vegan Chocolate Cookies

Less than a week until Christmas. Who’s ready?! I can tell that you’re probably not ready because you don’t have these cookies in your life. Once that happens then it’ll all be good. No more holiday worries. You’ll be so ready.

I decided to get fancy with my simple raw creations by getting out my cookie press and making little trees. I used to be so into baking and decorating baked goods. I actually sold some cakes, cupcakes, and cookies to people for their celebrations before I went vegan and could probably still sell them. But that’s no longer my thing and doing this is my thing. Which is pretty great because not only do I get to still make stuff, but I also get to eat it and share it with all of you as well! If you don’t have a cookie press then that’s totally okay. Just roll them into little balls or use a cookie cutter! So much fun with so many possibilities.

Chocolate Vegan Cookie RecipeChocolate Vegan Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Vegan Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Christmas Cookies

makes 10-12

1 cup dates
4 tablespoons cacao powder
1 tablespoon coconut water
1 tablespoon chia seeds

Blend together all ingredients until a ball forms. Using cookies press, press cookies out onto parchment paper lined baking sheets. If you don’t have a cookie press just roll them into a ball or use a cookie cutter. Top with green sprinkles or any other desired toppings. Serve, enjoy!

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