Manifesting – How It Worked For Me

Manifesting Does WorkManifesting Does Work

Manifesting Does Work

By now I’ve made it very clear that I was working a job that was becoming an unhealthy part of my life. I dreaded going, I felt unappreciated, and overall I just felt as if it was a negative environment for me to spend my time in. I’ve felt this way for a while but the feelings have become stronger over the past few months. I’d check job sites everyday but rarely apply to anything. There’s not a lot of options for me in my town and I’m slightly particular about what I’ll do. For example, I didn’t want anything to do with anything similar to, let’s say, McDonald’s because it didn’t align with my beliefs. But if I absolutely had to then I would get a job such as that. So I searched and searched. Recently things got really difficult with my job and it was bringing me down, big time.

I was laying in bed just messing around online last week whenever I decided to read every single blog post on Kris Carr’s site. How do things like this happen? I have no idea but honestly doing that changed my life. So I was reading for quite a while and came across a post about manifesting. I’ve heard of manifesting before, tried it a few times, and never really had any miraculous results. But the whole idea of it was fascinating to me and I’m always up for trying new things so I clicked the post.

I read through it and decided to give it a try (and to add E-Squared to my Amazon Wishlist). I basically took what Kris said in her manifestation and made it my own while manifesting a new job into my life. I carried on with my life for the next two days feeling sad and disgusted with my job situation. Around 5 p.m. which was 46 hours after I made the manifestation I received a phone call to set up a job interview with one of the jobs I was really interested in. I got off of the phone in absolute shock. It actually happened!! Now I know a lot of people will see that as just some weird coincidence but I truly believe that my manifesting worked! I was ecstatic that day. I felt like there was a light at the end of my tunnel.

I had to wait out the weekend before going to my interview on Monday afternoon. I did a working interview for 2 hours and believed that it went well. He told me that I’d get a call the next day. After the interview I had to go back to work for a few hours so I was just hanging out there thinking about how the end could be so near when I got a phone call saying that I had the job. What!?


Manifesting A New JobManifesting A New Job

Manifesting A New Job

Now lets be real. This job isn’t some amazing job that I’ve always dreamed of. Nope. It’s a basic office job. Nothing special. But this office job gives me the hours that I want and need to pursue the amazing job that I dream of. Now I’ll be able to do both my dream job and a job that will support me financially until I’m able to do that without the office job. Baby steps of progress, yay!

Since my amazing manifestation I haven’t actively manifested anything else that I can share but I will definitely be doing it again and I recommend you guys try it out! Go over to Kris Carr’s post or research it on your own and try it out! Let me know how it goes!


2 responses to “Manifesting – How It Worked For Me”

  1. Thank you for sharing this!And I totally can relate to your struggles with job, cause I still haven’t found one after uni and though if there won’t be another choice I will take smth like in your example MacDonalds is, but…but there is still hope.


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