Social Media Update + Simple Apple Juice Recipe

So it’s been over a week since this happened and since my social media experiment. I honestly learned so much from that experience. My relationship with all social media has changed immensely since doing it. I realized that I had the chance to really understand my passions and how to use social media positively. I mentioned here that I was trying to cut Facebook out for a month which I didn’t end up doing. I logged back on this week. I had people messaging me there on my Create N Plate page and I felt like it was important to keep up with all of that and talk to you guys. I’m doing a lot less aimless scrolling though! I actually find myself checking all social media much less than usual and benefitting from it in ways I never imagined. I find myself wanting to create so much more content. I have a clearer mind and ideas just keep popping into my head of what I can try to create next. I’m no longer focusing on numbers of followers and “likes” that each photo got. I’m posting and sharing things I like and I’m really happy doing just that. It’s really awesome.

I definitely recommend that everyone who finds themselves aimlessly scrolling or feeling bad in any way when on social media to take a step back and try to make some changes. See how it makes you feel! It’s all an experiment and process that is different for each person. I find that the experiment helped improve my life greatly and that’s why I’m sharing it with all of you. I set some rules for myself that I thought I needed such as not using social media in the presence of another person regardless of what they’re doing and also no compulsive checking of Instagram. I check it three or four times a day now which is much better than before. Oh, and also no social media an hour before bed! I’ve been using that time to read, write, or do yoga. I find myself sleeping so much better and feeling rested each day.

On a completely unrelated note; I made a very simple but delicious juice recipe that I wanted to share. Usually when juicing I just grab some fruits that I have in the house and combine them to see what happens. You could very easily come up with this same recipe on your own but I wanted to give you a bit of inspiration and share with you my go-to juice recipe currently.

Simple Juice RecipeSimple Juice Recipe

Simple Juice Recipe

Apple Orange Juice

serves 1

5 apples of choice
2 oranges
1/2 lemon

Juice together ingredients. Serve, enjoy!

p.s. I made a new Youtube video about how I’m portrayed online verses in real life. Check it out!

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