Shenandoah National Park ~ Vacation Post 2

Welcome back to the second portion of my vacation adventures! I’m currently laying in bed with a nasty cold. A cold in the summer, seriously?! Ugh. I haven’t been sick for a very long time so I’m trying to handle this as well as possible. But it’s frustrating! Especially while going through all of my vacation pictures to try to find the best ones to share. Definitely wishing I was back there today!

Anyways, after leaving the beach we went to Luray, Virginia to visit the Shenandoah National Park. I’ve never been there before so I had no idea what to expect. The park is absolutely beautiful. We stayed in a cabin that was really great as well. We only spent two days there and really needed more time for hiking and other adventures like that. But we still got to do two small hikes and see a lot of what we wanted to see! The only downside to the trip for me was the food. Ahhh man. Luray is a small town (from what I saw and experienced) with just a Walmart and another grocery store. No vegan food anywhere! I ate a box of cereal, mangoes, and rice the whole time. I was definitely struggling after being at the beach and experiencing so many amazing options! But the memories that were created were worth sacrificing a few days worth of yummy foods for.

We took a day and drove Skyline Drive. It’s a 105 mile drive throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park. They had a bunch of pull offs where you could stop for pictures and park to go hiking.

I was all about that. I would still be there telling my sister to take pictures of me if I had the choice. She got slightly annoyed by it, but I took some of her senior pictures there. So it’s only fair, right?!

There were so many cool rocks to (very carefully) climb on. My mom doesn’t like heights and she was not a fan of my sister and I taking this photo! You know I’ll never pass up a good photo opportunity though!

Shortly after this was taken we went on a short hiking trail and ended up seeing a bear and her cubs. It was a cool experience! I’ve seen bear around home before, actually I saw one on a bike ride last month. But these bear were just hanging out and we stumbled upon them. We snapped a few pictures before turning around and deciding that the hike wasn’t that important.

Our cabin was right beside the Shenandoah River. We only checked it out one time for a few minutes (mainly because we ran out of time) but I wish we would have gotten to experience it a bit more. The water was so warm!

And now comes the yoga pictures. Surprised?! Probably not. And I figured that since I don’t have any food pictures I’m going to share some yoga photos instead. I wish I would have been able to spend more time in the forest taking yoga pictures and maybe even recording a yoga video. That would have been so awesome.

*dreams of someday being able to visit parks all over the US taking yoga photos and videos and being able to support myself financially by doing so*

But for now that’s it! I had a great time vacationing around Virginia this year. I’m grateful for the experience and the memories created! I’m already planning my next adventure which will most likely be to NYC for a weekend trip. Which means that we all need to be prepared for lots of awesome food and yoga once again! Yay for adventures.

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