Chia Snack Bites – 4 Ingredients

Coming at you today with a quick, easy chia snack bite recipe. I’ve been trying to incorporate more chia seeds into my diet for a few reasons. One: I have a large portion of chia seeds in my kitchen. Two: chia seeds are an awesome way to get fiber, protein, and omega-3. And three: they’re fun to add to your foods! I’ve been working on trying to make some snacks for work each week and these were my goodies from last week. I actually had them finished by Tuesday. But hey, that’s okay! The hardest part about this recipe is cleaning the blender when you’re done. And trying not to eat them all at once either.

Chia Snack Bites

makes 10-12 medium sized bites

2 cup dates
1/4 cup buckwheat groats
1 tablespoon maple syrup
Chia Seeds

Blend together dates, buckwheat groats, and maple syrup. Remove from blender and roll into balls. Roll balls in chia seeds. Serve, enjoy!

Store in refrigerator for up to 7 days.

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