Virginia Beach ~ Vacation Post 1

Vegan Yogi Virginia BeachVegan Yogi Virginia Beach

Happy weekend! How was your week? I’m coming at you today with vacation post number one! For this post we’re starting out with Virginia Beach! My mom and I are totally beach people but my dad and sister are totally not beach people. So the past few years we’ve been trying to switch it up by visiting the beach as well as national parks and stuff. I’m totally down for that too! But I am a beach person and living at least 6 hours away from any beach means that I absolutely have to go at least once a year. There’s nothing better to me than the ocean air and sand scattered throughout my life.

Lola BotiqueLola Botique

Love, love, love.

Virginia BeachVirginia Beach

We visited Virginia Beach from August 9-12. It’s been like 10 years since I’ve been there so I don’t really remember much, being 12 at the time. I was so so impressed and excited by the trip though! I really enjoyed the atmosphere, amount of dogs, and vegan options. There was also this cute little boutique named Lola that I was obsessed with. I swear that I went in there 10 times over the course of like two days. But anyways, I would totally go back to Virginia Beach! Here’s a collection of photos from my trip. I had such a tough time trying to narrow down which photos to use because there are so many good ones! But here we go.

Crab yoga! I made my family take so many pictures on these crabs. Whoops!


Fruitive is a plant based cafe in Virginia Beach. This place saved me so many times. One day I got food here for my whole day. It was so convenient. The servings were great and the food was delicious!

We tried to get a picture with the sunrise!

I happened to be going to the beach on my 2 year vegan anniversary and I wanted to get something special to celebrate. I got dairy free mango froyo topped with a bunch of fruits! I rarely get things like that so this was awesome!

Handstands with the trees! This happened after a nice 3 mile run along the beach with my mom. Great way to start the morning!

We then came across some huge pretty flowers and stopped to take a picture because they were almost as big as our heads!

I got to do yoga on the beach after waking up and I love it so so much. I want to do that every morning. Who wants to come to a sunrise yoga class?!

The Green Cat

The Green Cat was another life saver while at the beach! I loved their smoothie bowls, oh my gosh. I tried all of them within two days and got a smoothie too. Everything was great. They have a cute little dining area outside too filled with tons of plants. My kind of place!

My mom and I found this crab while we were running one morning. He was such a cute little guy!

My whole trip was great and I was so pleasantly surprised that I was easily able to find vegan options so close to me as well. A huge thumbs up for Virginia Beach!

Stay tuned for part two of my vacation; Luray, Virginia!

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