What I Eat In A Day – Raw Till 4

Hey guys! Today I’m going to share a days worth of eating for me. I love seeing what others eat throughout their days as inspiration for my own meals and this is just for fun. I haven’t done one of these in a while so here we go!

For the most part I follow a high carb vegan diet and am primarily raw till 4. Eating this way makes me feel my best and I am currently so happy with it. What I have found to help me be successful with my lifestyle is flexibility. Daily I eat very similar to what I’m sharing but I am also into vegan junk foods and takeout whenever the opportunity arises, which is rare! But still relevant. Flexibility is key to reaching a good place with your mind and body.

Let’s get to it!


I love starting my mornings off with a smoothie. I do this almost every single morning with the same simple recipe. It’s quick, easy, and energizing! I have 7 bananas, spinach, and coconut water blended together. So easy for me to take on the go or just hang out with at home while I do some work online!


For lunch I was craving something cool so I made a banana date milkshake. I do a lot of computer work while I eat so having another drink for lunch is one of my go-to lunch ideas. I had 4 fresh bananas, 3 frozen bananas, a handful of dates, vanilla drops and some almond milk blended together to create a cool creamy treat!


I was pretty hungry after lunch so I made some chocolate banana ice cream for a snack. I topped it with some rawnola (raw granola!), cacao nibs, and coconut sugar. So yummy! Oh and be on the lookout for the rawnola recipe, it’s coming soon!


I had another snack before dinner which was a mango. I’ve been eating mangos like crazy lately and I love everything about them, except the mess that I make when eating them. But that’s a small sacrifice I’m willing to make for something as good as mangos.


For dinner I had left over chili that I made and modified from Oh She Glows recipe. I replaced the oil with water and left the salt out. I then topped it with some spiralized sweet potatoes and fresh cilantro. It was so good! I still have some left overs and I can’t wait to dig into them tomorrow too!

“Veganism is not a “sacrifice.” It is a joy.”
Gary L. Francione

That’s it for my day. Yes, I eat a lot of bananas. I enjoy them so much! I don’t get tired of them because there is so many different ways that you can eat them! I find it fun and delicious. I love eating the way that I do because it makes me feel amazing. Is it for everyone? Probably not, but that’s okay! As long as we’re not harming any animals for food then that’s all that matters. The rest is all personal preference.

What does a typical days worth of eating look like for you? What did you enjoy the most out of your day?! Let me know!

2 responses to “What I Eat In A Day – Raw Till 4”

  1. Morning Amanda. Love waking up and seeing 4 sweet cats sleeping on the deck. A nice start to the day. Saw a Monarch butterfly yesterday, first he drank from red clover and then on to Queen Anne’s Lace. This made me very excited as I wanna make jelly from that beautiful flower. So many exciting things out there.Those spiralized sweet potatoes look great! I’ll be trying that and the spinach smoothiE. My ideal day is a smoothie bananas or Chia pudding, healthy wrap, fruit smoothie. I have to work on the supper and snacking in the evening.I also need to add more greens to my smoothie.
    Happy Day


    1. Hello Michelle!That sounds so exciting. I’m so glad that you got to see the butterfly! It sounds beautiful.
      I’m always looking for more ways to add greens into my day as well! That’s one area that I seem to struggle. But it’s all a work in progress!


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