Happy Life: Weekly Positivity – July 6-12

Welcome to Happy Life! A new blogging series that I literally just thought of this morning. I was sippin’ on my watermelon juice getting ready to go for a run whenever it hit me, I needed to share positives things with all of you. We already do our monthly goals together which is fantabulous but I thought that we could do more. There’s never too much positivity in the world, right?! And so the Happy Life was born.

Back in 2014 I wrote down 1 positive thing from each day and put it in a jar. I did that every day of the year. Somedays the positives were as small as making a good smoothie for breakfast or wearing matching socks and other days were bigger such as getting a new job or officially beginning dating Darrin. Regardless, I made the effort to find one positive out of each day. I found it to be so beneficial to my health overall. I began to do the same thing this year but stopped not too long into it. (Why?!!?! Ahh.) Darrin and I began sending each other texts each day that had 3 positive things that we could share with each other. That was great too! But we quickly fell out of it also. (Once again, why?!?!) No worries though, I just texted him to let him know that we need to make that a thing again.

Anyways, I truly believe that focusing on the positives in life is so very important. Positivity thrives off of positives environments. If you’re spending time with someone who’s always complaining or putting others down then you will find yourself doing the same or just feeling not so great. But if you surround yourself with positive beings then you will become positive as well. Put out into the universe what you wish to receive!

So far I envision the Happy Life series to happen every Sunday and recap positives throughout my past week. Since I just came up with this a few hours ago I don’t have a lot to share. Not because I didn’t have any positives, but because I didn’t prepare or pay close enough attention to share! I do have some photos and thoughts though so hang with me and join me next week as well for a more structured post!

But for now, let’s get to it!

Spending More Time In NatureSpending More Time In Nature

We have had a ton of rainy days this summer but this past week we’ve had a few days without any rain. I have been lucky enough to not have to work on the beautiful summer days and spent all of them outside either biking, doing yoga, running, or exploring in the woods.

Last Sunday my family went to a trail near my house and we spent the afternoon walking there. We don’t get to do a lot of things like that anymore because everyone has different schedules. So this day was really great!

On these blue sky days I am so grateful for the sunshine and warmth on my skin. I will sit on my porch and one of those “is this real?!” moments happen. Winter around here seems so long and each summer I try to enjoy every possible second that I can. Walking out onto the green grass and looking up at the blue sky is enough to make me smile as bright as the sun.

Just yesterday I decided to try to create a yoga video to put onto Youtube. I have been wanting to do this for the longest time but haven’t done it up until yesterday. I kept making various excuses and finally I just went for it. I biked to the river, set up my mat, and recorded the flow. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting it to share or not. I still have to edit it and see how it looks. Even if I don’t end up sharing it I will definitely continue to make more videos and start sharing them soon enough once I get the hang of it. I did the first one which is always the hardest and I’m so motivated lately do make the things that I want a reality. I want to make yoga videos, create a bigger community, spread positivity, share veganism, and just help others. That’s what I want and I am determined to make it happen all with living a healthy, positive lifestyle.

Share with me your positive events from this past week. Big or small, I’m interested in hearing them! Comment below, email me, or share with me on Instagram! Let’s share positivity with one another and create a positive world!

2 responses to “Happy Life: Weekly Positivity – July 6-12”

  1. It’s really wonderful idea and always add sone positive in your life as well as life of others! Thank you for sharing this. Last week was full of rains and I’m happy it wasn’t too hot and happy sonetimes it was sunny between the clouds, because…it’s summer:)


    1. Hi Polina!So glad that you are able to find the happiness between the clouds as well 🙂


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