Create The Life You Want – July Goals

Happy July everyone!! How’s life treating you all? It’s that time of the month again to do my favorite thing, set goals! As you might have noticed, I didn’t set any goals for June. I love goal setting but June was a crazy busy month and I decided to take a break for the goals so that I didn’t stress myself out over it. I took the month off and now I’m back and ready to go for July!

Summer is in full swing now but it’s not feeling like it here. It rains almost everyday and it’s quite chilly. But I can drink my smoothies and not freeze so I’m not complaining!! Much. I’m still getting outside as much as possible too. Nature inspires me and is where I’ve came up with the ideas for most of my July goals. It’s so so important to get out each day and surround yourself with things that inspire you to improve your life and make you happy!

Each month that I do this I like to set about 5 or so simple goals that I know I can achieve within the month. That way I can make small improvements in my life that will add up to big changes over time!

  • Take less iPhone photos
    I have fallen into the habit of only taking photos with my phone. I take a lot of pictures each day and love doing so. But I have began to completely neglect my camera and it makes me sad! It’s just easier for me to set up my iPhone and take photos because I do take all photos that I post. I love my camera and the quality of photos that it takes though. I need to start carrying it around with me more often like I used to.
  • Do yoga every day
    I have been trying to do this already! Before my injuries I was doing this without a problem. But afterwards I have been having a hard time getting back into things. I think it’s a bit of paranoia that I will injure myself again. But I really want to get back into a daily practice so I’m going to make that happen!
  • Read two books
    I feel like I make this a goal all the time but until I am consistently reading again then it needs to happen. Summer is my time of reading. I can sit outside for hours just reading the day away. But for some reason I haven’t been doing that this year. I just started a new book the other night and I am determined to read at least two books this month. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask of myself!
  • Strength Train
    Ah man I don’t know what happened here! I was lifting for the first 4 months of the year and then stopped completely in May to start running more. I completely stopped strength training all together and now I feel like a lil weakling. I want muscles and tone back and that’s going to happen! I spent some of this morning looking up new workouts and formulating an idea of how to keep running and add in an adequate amount of strength training exercises as well. I got my first strength/cardio day in today and can’t wait to continue it throughout the month!
  • Try 1 new vegan friendly restaurant
    I always end up going to the same (amazing) restaurants whenever I go to Pittsburgh. I am totally into habits and I am very comfortable with my regular spots. Routine is my thing. But I think that it’s healthy and fun to try new things so I want to try one new vegan friendly place in Pittsburgh this month. I have a few places in mind and I’m super excited to check out some new and hopefully amazing food! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see what place I pick!

And there we have it! July goals are set and ready to be achieved. What are your goals for this month? I’d love to hear and support each other along the way!

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