Half Marathon Training – Week 5

This post is long overdue! I’ve had a very busy and chaotic week with very little time to even open up my computer at all. Better late than ever though, right?! This is the last full week before the half marathon. I honestly believe that this was the best week I’ve had so far and I’ll share with you all why I feel that way!


Ten mile day!! My leg was bothering me a bit but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t work though. This run was okay. I really wasn’t feeling it much and found myself looking at my watch so much. Plus I had to run back to the house twice. Once to get a new hair tie because mine snapped and another time because I needed to switch shoes. I ran 3 miles in my new Saucony’s but had to switch due to a very fast developing blister. I got the run in though and that’s what matters to me!

Distance: 10 miles
Pace: 11:20 per mile
Time: 1 hour 53 minutes


Rest day! Today was very laid back. I went to Darrin’s after work and we went for a walk. It was such a chilly day but it was still nice to go for a short walk to end the day.


This run made me so happy and inspired to continue with training. My chiropractor told me not to do any type of yoga so this was about 4 days into no stretching of any type. I felt amazing! I was running with very little struggle or effort and was so grateful for that.

Distance: 3 miles
Pace: 9:18 per mile
Time: 27 minutes


Let me be honest here, I wasn’t feeling any strength training today. I think it was because my movements have been so restricted due to trying to heal my leg. I ended up just doing this workout. I made it up as I went along and it was fun to do. A nice change from the regular videos that I’d find online. I repeated it 3 times and was pretty happy with it!


I had to get this run bright and early because I knew that I’d have a very busy day ahead of me. I was excited to get out and get it done. Four miles of pain free running again. So awesome!! But it’s such a struggle to not stretch afterwards and I definitely get sore when I don’t stretch or do yoga. So strange to be sore but I’ll take it if that means that I’m healing.

Distance: 4 miles
Pace: 9:58 per mile
Time: 39 minutes


I had to switch things around and take a rest day today. I could have got up super early to run but I would have been sacrificing sleep that was much needed due to crazy chaotic past few days. I believe that rest is just as important as workouts and I took the extra 30 minutes to sleep which helped me feel much better throughout the day. Plus I wasn’t even skipping the workout. I just pushed it to Saturday instead!


I took today to make up the run that I missed on Friday. It was a hot one! About 80 degrees when I went. My mom went with me and we ran through the woods on a backroad. It was a hot, but nice 3 miles. I don’t often run with people so it was a nice change.


This week was so chaotic and tiring due to other things happening in my life. I didn’t have any time for myself and struggled to juggle everything going on. So I’m pretty excited about the fact that I was able to fit in all of my workouts and did mostly everything pain free! I hope that my leg actually is healing and I will be good to go for next week. I’m definitely feeling much more inspired and secure in my decision to train and do this half. I’m excited to do it. Only one more week of training left. So hard to believe!

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