Create N Plate Future Visions

Hi guys! This post is sort of just me thinking out loud and sharing with you all what my thoughts and visions for Create N Plate are currently. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about trying to figure out where to go with this blog. If you’ve been following me for a bit then you’re well aware of that. I’ve been struggling with it and I honestly think that it has been that way because I believe that I should be doing more. I have passions and visions for so many things involving health and fitness but didn’t think I had the platform to do it. I was afraid of posting anything unrelated to recipes and food for a while because I fell into the habit of posting strictly recipes for so long. Then when I wanted to change things I didn’t feel as if I could because my readers “wouldn’t like it.” I began posting things for others and not for myself which ultimately led to me posting less and not feeling all that passionate about what I was posting.

I got to the point many times where i wanted to delete this whole blog all together. I kept telling Darrin that it was no longer something I enjoyed and just wanted it gone. But I couldn’t bring myself to actually doing it. Every single thing that is on this blog is what I have created. I have put a massive amount of time into creating the site, the photos, recipes, writing, etc. and I don’t want it gone. I realized that what I wanted gone was the stress that I created from not posting what I truly wanted to share with the world.

I no longer want to censor myself though. I want to make this blog something great. I believe in it 100% and I believe that it can grow into so much more to reach a larger audience of amazing people. I have began to do just this on Instagram and have already lost a decent amount of followers. Just weeding out the weaklings. Kidding, kidding. But really, I’m glad that people are unfollowing because that means that they’re doing what they feel is best for them just like I’m beginning to do. Things are changing and I want to begin to share more about myself and my life than I have before on here, Instagram, Youtube, etc. I feel as if that will give people the opportunity to connect with me more and see that I am more than just a recipe creator.

Healthy Lifestyle BlogHealthy Lifestyle Blog

I’m all about connection. If I can’t connect with someone then I really don’t care to share my time with them. That might sound bad, but I would rather spend my time with people who lift me up and inspire me to stay motivated and happy. For example, I don’t have any desire to hang out with people who go to the bar every weekend (although if that’s your thing there is nothing wrong with that) because I simply don’t enjoy doing that and don’t click with most people who do so. If you’d put me in a bar at 11 p.m. on a Friday night I would be so uncomfortable and feel very out of place. I would rather hang out with someone who wants to wake up early on a Saturday morning and go for a bike ride followed by going grocery shopping at Whole Foods or something because that’s something that I enjoy and feel comfortable doing. For me it’s all about connecting when it comes to interests, beliefs (to an extent), and personality. I’m particular and it gives me the opportunity to share my life with well deserving people. Make sense?

Anyways, I feel like sharing more details of my life will allow you to not only feel like you connect to me but also allow me to connect with all of you and build relationships with you guys. I’ve met up with some amazing people that I’ve formed relationships with online and am always open to doing so. As long as it’s in a public place, gotta be safe!

I am also open to any suggestions that you may have for future posts, ideas, etc. I plan on still posting recipes and am hoping to share at least one each week but I have many other ideas too. I want to talk about veganism, being plant based, gluten, running, yoga, travel, and many other things within the categories of living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you all for being here up to this point. I hope that you’ll stick around for this next part of the Create N Plate journey as well!

Much love.

7 responses to “Create N Plate Future Visions”

  1. Wow, I had no idea you had such internal turmoil. The content has always seemed so genuine and passionate to me and I really appreciate it. If you decide to make it even more personal I think that’s even better. For me as a reader it’s like making a friend. I think it’s awesome that you gonna post more about what you feel passionate about. Super excited to read more. Thanks for posting and thanks for these amazing recipes and pictures.


    1. Thank you Mohammad. Your words truly mean a lot! So excited to have you here to share with!


  2. First, thank you immensely for writing such an important post. I am struggling with something similar in regards to my own blog. It is quite helpful to hear your experience and how you want to move forward with Create N Plate.
    Second, I totally agree with Mohammad: your posts have always felt genuine to me. Your writing seems casual and friendly. Your posts reflect how specific recipes/trips/activities reflect your own life and personality. Your writing has been a model for me as I improve my own blogging skills. I am happy to hear that Create N Plate will not only continue to exist, but also transform into something that will reflect even more of your passion.
    Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!!


    1. Hi Felicity,
      Thank you so much for this comment. I really appreciate your sweet and supportive words! I hope that you’re able to find the path towards growing your blogs in all ways that you envision it. If you ever need another bloggers opinion or just to vent feel free to email me anytime!


      1. Hello!Thanks for your support, Amanda!
        I’m very grateful for your kind offer.
        I can’t wait to read your next post!


  3. I was waiting for this post due to your recent unsureness (ok, there is not a word, but…let it be:)) and happy that you finally reaching some point of balance with yourself! Looking forward for everything what will appear here and definitely won’t go away. Hopefully you won’t censor your readers if they aren’t vegans? Cause for me early ride and shopping in Whole Foods seems way more lovely than clubbing in the night and I chasing dreams that one time I will be able to do first. Happily, noone force me to do second) Anyway, wish you luck with this new journey of and old (and so wonderful) blog!


  4. Hi Polina!
    Thank you so much. I definitely welcome all readers, vegan or not 🙂 Grateful to have you along for the ride this far into my blogging journey and looking forward to continuing to do so!


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