Create The Life You Want – May Goals

Happy May my Friends!! I hope that your days are becoming filled with more sunshine than ever. I am so excited for this coming month! I wait all year for warm weather and sunshine. I feel like I’m so much more productive during the summer months than I am any other time of the year.
I got my first (accidental) sunburn this past month and it was a pretty terrible one. I always use sunscreen if I’m going to be outside for long periods of time, but I was so excited about the warm day and sunscreen didn’t even cross my mind. I couldn’t help but smile because of the sunburn because that means that good days are ahead! Woo!

It’s that time of the month again to set some new goals. I’m excited. How is your goal setting going? Let me know!

Before we get to it though, let’s review my April goals!

Create N Plate YogaCreate N Plate Yoga

April Goal Reviews

  • Work more on really putting myself out there
    I think I’m doing fairly well at this! I’m working on posting things on here and Instagram that I want to post and not worrying too much about it. Yay!
  • Find and write down three good things from each day
    I’ve been on and off for this. I do write each day but not in this format like I wish that I did. Come on self!!
  • Oil pull everyday
    I. Love. Doing. This. I do this everyday!! Love, love, love. Highly recommended and I’m so glad that I made this a habit this past month.
  • Meditate consistently
    Oh boy… I don’t even know if I did this more than a few days. So bad! Maybe I’ll try again in May.
  • Talk more about veganism
    Trying to do this!! I really am and I think that I’m achieving it. Woo hoo!

I had a very challenging and tough April so I am really pleased with what I was able to achieve! I don’t allow myself to get stressed out or feel guilty for not reaching some of my goals. Life happens. Being aware of your set goals and your aspirations is what matters the most! Plus, there’s always next month!

  • Train for a half marathon
    I’m running a half marathon next month! I just signed up today and I am so excited! I’ve always loved running but have never committed myself to signing up for a race longer than a 5k.
  • Take a yoga class
    I’m so bad at doing this. I really want to be good at it, but my options are limited in my location. Whenever I’m in the position to take a class though I usually get nervous about going to a new studio. I’m very spoiled by taking so many Strala classes when I’m in NYC and there’s nothing like that in my area. I want to try new things though and it’s happening this month!
  • Say yes more
    I’m very lazy when it comes to hanging out with friends for the most part. I always think about how I could work on creating recipes, writing posts, etc. in the time that we would be hanging out. That’s not fair to them or to me! So I’m working on saying yes more. I started this already. I made plans twice with friends so far this week and I think that it’s been great for me. I think it’ll motivate me more and help me to get more done!
  • Get rid of 50 materialistic items
    I started this with 100 items. But then I figured that I need to start slow here or I’ll get overwhelmed. Plus if I do 50 things then I can always go for more as well! I’ve been wanting to own less materialistic things. I feel like the more I get rid of, the more that I get out of life and appreciate. I want to redo my wardrobe almost completely and this will be a good step towards doing so.
  • Floss daily
    Okay maybe this is gross to some of you and maybe this is normal to others. But I don’t floss everyday. I’m lucky to floss once a week. Whoops. Since last month I started oil pulling I figured that this month is a great time to get on the flossing train too! Making it happen. My teeth will thank me, I already know.

Vegan Lifestyle BlogVegan Lifestyle Blog

Let’s do this! It’s amazing how much you can accomplish over a months worth of time by taking things day by day and checking off each thing as time goes by. I’m excited for May and all of the things that I want to achieve. What about you?! Let me know!

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