Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Oranges

These are one of my favorite snacks. Frozen oranges are so good. If you’ve never had frozen oranges then what are you doing with you life!? I shared a similar recipe quite a while ago and decided to amp them up a notch by adding peanut butter.

Typical, right? I add chocolate and peanut butter to most things in life because why not. Life is short and chocolate and peanut butter are great.

These covered oranges are so easy to make and only 4 ingredients! How awesome, right?! I love taking these to work or just running to the kitchen to grab a few when hunger strikes. Citrus bursts with sweet chocolate and creamy peanut butter. Can life really get any better?!

Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Oranges

2 navel oranges, peeled
1/4 cup creamy peanut butter, approximately

3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
2 tablespoons cacao powder

Spread orange slices out onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Place in freezer for 30 minutes to chill. Remove from freezer. Coat half of each orange slice with a thin layer of peanut butter. Place in freezer for 15 minutes. While in freezer mix coconut oil and cacao powder together. Remove orange slices from freezer and dip in chocolate. Place in freezer for 10 minutes. Remove from freezer and top with peanut butter. Serve, enjoy!

Store in freezer.

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