NYC Vegan Food Post – January 10 & 11

Ahh New York. If you’ve been following me for a while then you’re well aware of my love for NYC. I have formed a lot of amazing relationships with people there and have fallen in love with the energy of the city as well as the availability of all of the things that I love. I spent this past weekend there with a good friend who was back in town and we spent a lot of time doing yoga and eating amazing food. The best!

This post is a collection of the food that I got to eat over the weekend at some of my favorite places in NYC. Enjoy!

Sacred Chow

Sacred Chow brunch is one of my favorites. You can’t really go wrong with it, trust me. We got the belgian waffles and soy buttermilk biscuit po’boy. I can’t decide which one if my favorite! I guess it depends on what you’re in the mood for. They’re both so great! Along with everything else on their menu.

Cooking Adventures featuring Peacefood Cafe

Saturday evening I got together with a couple of friends to have a cooking night. We decided to make Spicy Almond Creamed Curry and it was so so good!! It’s really easy to make and completely delicious. Afterwards we made almond butter smoothies and had a bunch of Peacefood Cafe desserts. By the end of the night I was so full with amazing foods and good vibes from some great people.

Juice Press

I love Juice Press. I loaded up on Juice Press goodies to bring home like their sushi and a couple of juices/smoothies. You can find a few of the things I brought home on my Instagram! But I woke up on Sunday morning feeling so thirsty and not very energetic because of all of the sugar I had the night before. I got the d-tox super smoothie because it sounded like something that would be appropriate post-sugar coma. It was basically like a chocolate shake and I loved every second of it. Chocolate for breakfast, count me in!

Pure Food and Wine

Clearly I had to stop at Pure Food before heading home. It wouldn’t be right of me to skip my favorite restaurant on a trip to the city. I love going with friends because then we order a couple of things to share and can eat more of a variety of foods. So fun! We got the caesar salad (of course, always) and the broccoli and cashew cheddar quiche. It was my first time having the quiche and I loved it! The crust is unbelievable. Really great!

Afterwards we got the classic sundae. I love this sundae so much. Each time I have it I’m amazed by it. I’ll eat it and just keep saying how insanely good it is. Ahh, even typing about it makes me want to go get another one asap. Love it!

That’s all for today my friends! Thanks for reading. What are some of your favorite NYC restaurants?! Let me know!

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