Apple Pie Blizzard – Vegan

Hello! How are you today? I’m great! I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream lately. Coconut ice cream and banana ice cream mostly. So good! For the past two weeks I’ve hung out with my friend and we’ve devoured a thing of coconut ice cream each time. Last night we did it while watching Cowspiracy and Earthlings. Well more like while we watched Cowspiracy because there’s no way that I could eat while watching Earthings. I haven’t seen Earthlings since July 2013 and although it is awful, I’m glad that I re-watched it and have reminded myself of why I do what I do. I think it’s good to have that reminder every once in a while. But anyways, ice cream. So amazing. I made this apple pie blizzard the other day for lunch because why not?! Speaking of blizzards, it’s currently snowing outside. I’d like to keep the blizzards in my glass to enjoy and not have them happen outside. But I guess it is what it is!

This blizzard is so simple, yet so delicious. Which is exactly how I like things to be when cooking and baking. A lot of people think that I put a ton of effort into my meals each day but that is far from the truth. I enjoy whole foods and simple meals/snacks which is exactly what this is! So if you’re a lazy person in the kitchen like I am, then get yourself into the kitchen and make this asap!

Apple Pie Smoothie

serves 1-2

3 frozen bananas
1 cup coconut water
1/2 cup dates
1 tablespoon cashews
1 large apple
Hemp seeds

Blend together bananas, coconut water, dates, and cashews. Remove from blender and pour into a glass. Slice apple and add to glass, topping with hemp seeds and cinnamon. Serve, enjoy!

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