Iron Boosting Orange Juice

Hello friends! How are you on this lovely day? I’m doing a-okay! My foot is healing up nicely. I got to do yoga today for the first time this week and it was wonderful. I hope that all of your days are filled with great foods and fun adventures! If you’ve been doing anything super exciting, let me know so that we can both be excited about it together!

I love experimenting with foods. I toss a variety of things together and love to see what happens. Sometimes I achieve amazing results that I won’t stop talking about for 3 weeks and then other times I get some not so tasty treats that I choke down because I don’t want to waste food. But it’s all fun! This juice is definitely in the category of amazing results. I don’t know how it even happened but let’s all be grateful that it did!

Iron is very important when it comes to being healthy and happy. It’s a mineral that helps transport oxygen throughout the body as well as giving you healthy skin, hair, nails, etc. So many important factors! I know of people who have problems getting enough iron in their diets so this is for you guys! And anyone else who wants a tasty drink or a little iron boost themselves.

Let’s get to it.

Iron Boosting Orange Juice

serves 1-2

4 oranges
1 tablespoon chia seeds
2 teaspoons molasses

Blend together ingredients, serve, enjoy!

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