Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bars – Vegan

Today is all about chocolate. Well a lot of days here at Create N Plate are about chocolate. But I have yet to receive any complaints about that. So the chocolate posts are here to stay. I present to you the double chocolate ice cream bars. Mmmm. I have a few of these still sitting in the freezer and every time I open the door I can’t handle how good they look (and taste). My mom (who’s anti vegan food no matter what it is) even commented on how good they look tonight. But still won’t try them. I’ll have to work on that because I truly believe that these are delicious! Meat eaters, vegans, and anyone in between will love these as much as I hope you love yourself. After I finish this post I’m going to grab a few and dip them in peanut butter. I’m so excited. That’s the most exciting thing that I’ll be doing on this Saturday night. I know that you’re all jealous!

These bars are SO SIMPLE. I know that I say that with almost every recipe I make. But really guys, they are. I believe in all of you so I definitely think that you’re all capable of making these and should have all of the ingredients in your house already. So let’s get started!

Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

Chocolate Ice Cream Bars:
4 frozen bananas
1 tablespoon cacao powder

Blend together bananas and cacao powder. You might need to add a drop of water to get the bananas blending. Blend until smooth. Pour ice cream into a small parchment paper lined pan. Freeze for 8 hours or overnight.

You can choose any size pan that you’d like depending on how thick you’d like your bars and by how large your bananas are.

4 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
3 tablespoons cacao powder
1 tablespoon maple syrup

Blend ingredients together until smooth.

Remove ice cream from freezer and cut into even bars. (I had 6 bars) Dip bars into chocolate sauce until covered and set on parchment paper. You can drizzle chocolate on the bars instead if preferred. Your ice cream bars, your choice! Once all bars are covered store in freezer or serve and enjoy!

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