Fitness Friday!

Vegan Fitness FridayVegan Fitness Friday

Happy Friday to you all! So today I wanted to share my workouts from this week with you guys. I haven’t done a post like this in a very long time but I’m excited to share!

I’m not a member of a gym and every workout that I do is free/accessible to any of you reading this. So basically we can workout together even if we’re far away from each other. Fun!

I’m also not one to follow a schedule so I don’t follow any kind of workout routine whatsoever. Next week will be completely different just like every other week. I like to keep things interesting and do workouts that I feel like doing each day. I don’t want to make a plan and then dread my workout. Workouts are meant to be fun!

Let’s do it! But first, we’ll start it off with me showing off my huge (*sarcasm) muscles on Snapchat to set the tone.

Okay, let’s do it! For real this time.


Saturday I did a 6.2 mile bike ride followed by about 50 minutes of free flowing yoga. I love doing outside workouts when the weather permits. Since Fall is basically here I know that my bike riding days are limited and I enjoy getting to do it while I can! Plus I always do my yoga outside too. There’s just something about being in the grass that makes it that much better.


Sunday I love to start off my morning with a run and then some yoga. I ran 2 miles through the woods near my house and then did about an hour of yoga. The run that I did consists of running about 1/2 a mile up a hill, then a mile through the woods, and ends with 1/2 a mile back down the hill. I love running up and down hills. I always try to cool down with with a long yoga sequence too. I love how stretchy I feel after running and can just sink into my yoga practice.
Sunday afternoon I went on a nice and easy 7 mile bike ride with my mom and sister. It was fun to just take it easy and enjoy the ride and beautiful weather that we had that afternoon!


Monday was a busy and chaotic day so I just did a quick wake up yoga flow. I just listened to my body and moved the way it felt like moving. It was probably about 10 minutes and left me feeling great.

Fall Leaves VeganFall Leaves Vegan


Tuesday was my day off of work so I went for another hilly 1.8 mile jog followed by a 5 mile bike ride and 40 minutes of yoga. I planned on running longer this day but I just wasn’t feeling it. Do you ever get days like that? It was just a bad run and so I hopped on the bike and all was well! I finished my running and biking with this yoga sequence. I do this sequence a lot. I find it to be a great practice for cooling down!


Wednesday I wasn’t really feeling biking or running (my usuals) so I went to Youtube and found a cardio video to do. I did this one. It was pretty easy but still a nice workout! It was the first workout video I did from Fitness Bender and I think that I’ll try out some more of theirs sometime. I ended my workout with this yoga sequence. I love Tara Stiles as many of you know. I practice Strala Yoga regularly and love all of Tara’s videos.
I finished off my evening with a 2 mile easy bike ride to wind down. I missed biking much more that evening than that morning obviously. I’ve bike more this summer than ever and it’s great!


Post RunPost Run

Yesterday I was quite tired and didn’t do any workouts. I did a bit of yoga in the morning but that’s it. Rest days are important!


Today my ankle was feeling kind of sore from twisting it the other day. I decided that I didn’t really want to do much of an impact exercise on it because it’s telling me that it needs rest. Listen to your body even if it’s frustrating to do so! I did this leg workout and this arm workout. I found both of those workouts so long ago and always go back to do them on occasion! The arm workout says it’s for beginners, but trust me it’s a challenge! The leg workout is great too. Definitely some of my favorites that I’ve found on Youtube so far. I finished that off with this yoga video from Tara Stiles. So fun and easy going!

That’s it for this week! What types of workouts do you typically do? Since the weather is changing I’ll probably be doing more inside workouts that I’ll get to share. Stay tuned and have a good weekend!

2 responses to “Fitness Friday!”

  1. Aw thank you so much! I’m glad that you renewed your love for yoga. It truly is wonderful! I hope you have a great weekend as well! Check back later today for a new recipe 🙂


  2. I was waitong for this post and love it so much:) Thank you for sharing! As for my story, I’m not too much in workouts and due to ED I’ve lost not only fat but also muscle bulk (though I never have muscles:)). I danced a lot in the past and liked it but only when I reopen yoga for myself, I understood that this is it. This is what my body was craving. And now I’m doing it for 5-7 days a week 20-30 minutes. Not much I guess:) As for other – bycikce and horses are my love but now I haven’t opportunity ride them. Wish you a great weekend:)


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