What I Ate Wednesday – Vegan

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe that it’s Wednesday already? I can’t! I have exciting this happening at the end of this week and I’m excited but also not ready for them! I also have a lot to do before then and I’m not sure if I’ll get it done. Time will tell! I’ve been working on all kinds of things all day and as soon as I post this, I’m calling it a day and going to do some yoga with a friend.Exciting, right?! But first I’m here to share with you all what I ate today to fuel me all day long.
Breakfast #1 : 1/2 watermelon

Yes, breakfast #1. I always like to have something before I workout and watermelon is my go-to. We all know this by now though! I had half of a watermelon to start off my day and hydrate me for my morning workout. Perfect! What’s your favorite post workout snack? Let me know!

Breakfast #2 : Fresh Orange Juice

I have gathered an impressive amount of oranges in the kitchen lately. It’s been unintentional, I swear! I don’t know how it happened but there’s an overabundance of them and I have been neglecting them lately. Poor little guys! That all changed today though. I made fresh orange juice blended with ice for a nice cool treat. Mmm. It’s so good. After I have oranges I always wonder why I don’t have them more often. Do you ever do that with foods? Anyways, I had about 5 oranges blended up into pure orange heaven. So good!

Lunch: Green Smoothie

I try to drink at least 1 green smoothie every day. For vegetables and stuff, you know? I’m getting much better with my veggie intake, but still love sneaking those greens into my smoothies. I post this one all the time and it’s obviously my favorite. It’s so refreshing! 10 bananas, spinach, and coconut water. Yum!! Plus, look at that beautiful color!

Dinner: Pasta, Zucchini, Tomato Sauce

What I ate WednesdayWhat I ate Wednesday

I’m not a major pasta fan. I mean, it’s good! But I can’t eat it every day like some people. Still, it’s nice to have on occasion! I was cleaning out the cabinets yesterday and found some corn pasta that I bought a while ago made by a local company. I got excited and have been looking forward to it since my discovery! I chopped up some fresh garden zucchini and used some homemade tomato sauce too. It was a great way to end the night!

That’s it for today guys! I’ll leave you with these bananas that I’m freezing for some banana ice cream. Mmm!

Thanks for reading! Share with me what you guys have been eating lately!

2 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday – Vegan”

  1. Banana ice cream is probably the best thing ever. Oh my goodness. I made this for Dave about a month into us dating – He probably thought I was crazy lol! Mmmmm. Now I want banana ice cream with peanut butter and fresh berries. Oh and I always have two breakfast’s as well (green smoothie on my way to work, and then overnight oats or a breakfast cookie in the office as I’m sipping coffee). Have a great day and thanks for sharing!


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