What is Raw Till 4?

How’s it going friends? How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great! I was pretty busy with life stuff which is why this post didn’t happen sooner. Whoops! The thing that matters is that you’re reading it now, right!? As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to do a more detailed post about Raw Till 4. I got a lot of people who were interested in it. I was surprised and super excited. So here it is!

I began learning more about Raw Till 4 at the beginning of this year. I happened to stumble across it on accident and became very interested in the concept. Here’s a rundown of what it’s all about.

Each day you eat raw fruits and veggies, mainly fruits though, until dinnertime. Each fruit meal should be around 1,000 calories and restriction is not allowed. You eat in abundance! Any fruits that you’re hungry for or craving, eat ’em. Then for dinner you eat a cooked meal of rice, potatoes, pasta, etc. with a minimum of 500 calories. As many of you know, I do not promote counting calories and I do not talk about them much. A large portion of people who ask me about calories are those who restrict or have a negative view on calories. I am a huge advocate of counting calories in a positive way. Making sure that you are eating enough plant foods is a crucial part of succeeding on Raw Till 4, especially in the beginning. I no longer count calories like I did in the beginning stages of Raw Till 4. But I do on random occasions just to make sure that I’m consuming enough. Raw Till 4 is a lifestyle that will heal your mind and body. Almost everyone comes from a past of unhealthy eating; eating disorders, dieting, a diet high is processed foods, etc. By transitioning into the Raw Till 4 lifestyle, you’re healing your body from all of the past damages that you have done.

The goal is to consume a majority of your intake from carbohydrates such as fresh fruits, some veggies, and some cooked starch foods. Your macronutrients should be in the range of 80% carbohydrates, 10% fats, and 10% proteins. Carbohydrates are a main source of energy which we use to power through our busy days. Carbs are not bad, they’re fuel! Our bodies do not need excess amounts of fats or proteins. I usually eat in the ratio of 90% carbohydrates, 5% fats, and 5% proteins. I don’t worry about getting enough protein and I’m fine! I recently had my blood levels checked and everything was great!

A typical day would consist of fruits such as dates, bananas, melons, berries, etc. for breakfast and lunch. For dinner you would have a large portion of potatoes prepared how you prefer or a large bowl of rice with fresh or steamed veggies.

Monomeals are also great, especially in the early stages of Raw Till 4. A monomeal is a meal consisting of one single food, such as 10 bananas. And no, you won’t overdose on postassium. That’s impossible! By eating one plant based food, you’re giving your body a chance to ease up on the digestive process and heal from past damages. Ten bananas are a lot easier for your body to digest than eating a wider variety of fruits and veggies at once. I do a lot of monomeals! Usually 2 out of my 3 meals each day are monomeals. This is just a suggestion to help the healing process of your body and I find that it really is beneficial.
Food combining is important as well. At first it can be a little confusing and overwhelming but you learn it quickly. Some fruits do not digest well with other fruits. For example, melons have a high water content and are best when ate alone. Definitely a favorite of mine!

By “carbing up” throughout the whole day, your body will no longer crave “bad foods” or mindless snacks. I never ever thought that I wouldn’t crave or take a gluten free vegan cupcake or cookie when offered. But I don’t really have many desires for those foods anymore! I eat to feel good and eating pure carbohydrates does that. But I do eat cakes, cookies, etc. on rare occasions when the opportunity allows itself and think it’s totally okay to do every once in a while. Being strict with any part of your life isn’t healthy, in my opinion. It’s all about balance!

Food isn’t the only important aspect of Raw Till 4. Hydration is so important as well. It’s recommended to drink around 3-4 liters of water per day. One in the morning upon waking up, one before each meal, and more as desired. Drinking plenty of water hydrates your cells and keeps your system moving smoothly.

By consuming a diet high in carbohydrates you will be filled with energy. It’s great! You will want to exercise and be active. I typically workout every other day but I am active each day. On the days that I workout I usually ride my bike or go for a run. Keeping a consistent exercise routine is important. Consistency is the key to success.

Sleep and low stress levels are important in life as well. Get enough sleep! Sleeping 8+ hours per night is so important. Sleep improves your physical, mental, and emotional health and well being. By not getting enough sleep, you’re letting your body become rundown which lowers your brain function, immune system, etc. No good! Keeping your stress levels low is a huge component too. By reducing stress and increasing sleep you will notice a difference in your overall health and happiness. I have come to a realization that most things that I stressed about in the past are not things worth worrying about. Becoming more in tune with your body by eating more plant based carbohydrates opens up a whole different side of you that you will find comforting and relaxing.

As many of you know, I believe that knowledge is power. The more you know, the better off you’ll be! I find that to be true in all aspects of life. That is why I’m writing this to share with you guys! I did a lot of research prior to transitioning into all of my different lifestyles. Before going gluten free I read a lot about it, same with veganism and Raw Till 4. You are much more likely to succeed at anything if you prepare and become educated on the topic. Plus, learning new things is fun!

Here are some of my main sources of knowledge and inspiration. These have all helped me immensely and I hope that they’re able to do the same for you!

Freelee the Banana Girl – I happened to stumble across Freelee’s channel one day. She’s quite popular in the vegan community and is a great help. She is passionate about veganism and her main goal is to get the message out and help others.

Raw Till 4 Facebook Group – This group is truly wonderful. I’m not a big fan of Facebook in general but this group makes Facebook so awesome. The group has over 20,000 members and is growing each day, so great! Raw Till 4’ers come together on this page to support and help one another. You have the option to post a food diary and the admins of the group are so generous to help lead you onto the path of success with this lifestyle. Join and check it out!

Cronometer – Cronometer is a great website for calorie counting (in a healthy way!!) and tracking your nutrient levels. The only calorie counting site that I’ll use. They have a phone app as well!

Rice and Raw – Rice and Raw is another Youtube channel ran by a girl named Sasha. She has a lot of great videos that I watched during my initial transition stages. They were all such a help. She’s very knowledgable and so fun to watch!

ADAPTT is one of the best websites on the internet, really. Created by Gary Yourofsky, an extremely passionate man who is out there spreading the vegan message. Great site with tons of great information! Not really related to Raw Till 4, but a super awesome site nonetheless.

Banana TV – Banana TV is a Youtube channel that offers information on a large variety of topics such as diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc. ran by Cayley and Nicole. They’re informative and love helping out when help is needed!

Food Combining Chart – I linked this above but feel that it is very important to follow!

Create N Plate Youtube – You guys can check me out on Youtube too. I haven’t really promoted my Youtube channel yet, until now I guess. But I post some things mainly about Raw Till 4 and a vegan lifestyle. Check it out!

That’s all for today! As you can see, I highly recommend and love Raw Till 4 along with many others. Check out #rawtill4 on Instagram and look at all of the awesome food that people are sharing. So fun! If any of you are interested in starting Raw Till 4 and need a little more help and guidance, do not hesitate to contact me! Comment, shoot me an email, Instagram, or Facebook and I’d be glad to help you out! Thanks for reading and talk to you guys soon!

23 responses to “What is Raw Till 4?”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of people experience weight gain on this lifestyle. What has your experience been in regards to weight loss or gain?


    • Hi Kelsey,I did gain weight initially, but I come from an unhealthy past with food so I just let it happen as my body healed. Some people gain at first, others lose and never gain a pound. I don’t weigh myself but did notice my clothes fitting tighter. I feel stronger and believe that a majority of the weight is muscle. I have begun to lose weight once again, but even if I didn’t I wouldn’t care because I feel great!


  2. I’m curious, what is the main benefit of this diet?
    Interesting concept but the mono-meal doesn’t sound enjoyable to me. I can’t even eat the same food twice in row, let alone 10 bananas in a single meal. Sounds like a nightmare! It doesn’t sound like a healthy or balanced diet to me. I don’t eat for fuel, I eat for enjoyment equal to nutrition, though eating fruits you crave is a good idea, as long as they are in season.
    I hardly ever feel well after a raw meal. Is that normal? Maybe my body isn’t used to it. There are some foods like tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach which are more nutritious when cooked. But raw lettuce almost always makes me sick.


    • Hi there,The main benefit, in my opinion, is feeling amazing and having a large amount of energy. I had a lot of stomach issues in the past as well as an unhealthy relationship with food and I no longer have any problems. I never feel sick, lethargic, etc. after a meal anymore. It’s freeing. And a lot cheaper than a “standard” diet!
      Monomeals aren’t required, but I find them to be great. Before going vegan I wouldn’t even touch a banana. I thought they were disgusting. But now they’re a staple in my diet, I use them for a majority of my smoothies. I agree that eating in season fruit is great, I’ve been eating lots of watermelon lately. I missed it watermelon so much in the winter!
      There’s a lot of reasons why your body doesn’t feel well after eating raw. You could be combining the wrong foods, eating an excess of high fat foods, too much oil, etc. I don’t know what you’re eating raw, so I’m not sure! But I agree about certain things being better when cooked. I just had a cooked potato meal this evening. I’m also not a big fan of lettuce, but I add it to my smoothies to get the nutrients in.
      In the end, it’s all about doing what feels best for your body and eating the foods that you like 🙂 I just want to share what I’m doing because it works for me and makes me happy.


  3. Thank you for such clear information – it’s interesting and helpful to read. I don’t feel like it’s for me but can see some useful tips. Hope you’ll keep writing)


  4. I’m a 16 year old with a family history of gluten/wheat/thyroid disorders.I’m really interested in this RT4 lifestyle, but I have some questions..
    isn’t the high sugar in fruits dangerous for the teeth?
    Having thyroid problems, I already have multiple cavities and a crowded mouth + overbite.
    I also was wondering don’t you miss almond and peanut butter?
    I do love my nuts and coconut oil!
    Right now I’m avoiding wheat, semi- avoiding dairy, trying to eat as clean and unprocessed as possible, avoiding sugar unless it’s from a fruit or is low and naturally derived, and eating a lot of vegetables, beans, lettuce, and carrots.
    But my stomach still feels so crummy some days.
    Only after I eat my daily banana it feels happy.
    And I don’t know why, ANY advice would be much appreciated!!


    • Hi Abbie!
      I no longer consume a raw till 4 diet now. I just consume a gluten free vegan diet. I have a number of reasons why and if you check out the most recent video on my Youtube channel then explains that more about it. (Link at the top of the page) Feel free to ask me any more questions about it!
      The sugar found in fruit is natural sugars, so it’s much easier on the teeth than processed sugars are. I never experienced any teeth issues when I was consuming a raw till 4 diet. Some people do experience issues and others don’t.
      While consuming a raw till 4 diet, I didn’t really miss peanut butter much! But I love it and eat it every day now and previous to raw till 4 I did the same!
      My advice to you would be to consume as many plant based products that you can and to avoid meats, dairy, and processed foods that are unnatural to the body and cause you to not feel too great. Healing your body from years of consuming animals and processed foods takes a while. But it sounds like you’re on the track to getting where you will feel best! Perhaps when you’re experiencing stomach issues you could write down what you ate previous to that happening and maybe pinpoint the food that’s making you feel that way. I am so glad that the banana helps though! They’re truly one of my favorite foods 🙂
      I hope that this helped you some!! Keep me updated on how you’re feeling and feel free to ask me any more questions that you may have either on here or through an email: createnplate@gmail.com


      • Wow thank you so much!Ok, so it doesn’t decay the enamel as much, thanks for clearing that up !
        Yes, I actually do track what I ate every day, that’s why I’m so confused, I still can’t pinpoint exactly what it is.
        For example, I know straight up cows milk from Costco sends me into doubled over pain, but I can est the little laughing cow cheese wedges from there just fine.
        I’m now craving bananas, beans, other legumes, and veggies so much now, that’s fine with me, and bananas are my favorite fruit ((:


  5. I love bananas too! I buy them by the box every week and eat about 10 a day 🙂 So yummy!I hope that you’re able to pinpoint the problem though and feel better!! If there’s anything else that I can do for you please let me know! xx


  6. I’m sorry but this is a terrible diet and does not sound healthy or balanced. Eating too much fruit is not good for your body. There is too much sugar. It’s fine to eat raw, but don’t eat 10 bananas at once, who ever said that was a good idea?? Your body needs more protein than that, and more variety. Also, where are all of your vegetables?? Vegetables are a way better option than fruit if you’re going to be consuming it all day. Also, you mentioned in your post that eating meat is unnatural to the body. I entirely disagree and believe that animals were put on this earth for man to have fuel.Maybe go attend a nutrition class or two before you recommend a fad diet.
    Oh, one more thing. There is no way you were gaining muscle on this diet. You must consume high amounts of protein and be doing resistance training (and it sounds like you were only doing steady state cardio) to gain muscle. You gained fat because you were eating way too many calories from SUGAR. Please check your sources.


    • Thanks for your opinions but no thanks. This is a vegan blog and a vegan lifestyle that many people follow and thrive off of. I believe in compassion for all beings (all animals included) and do not believe that consuming dead animal flesh is a healthy way to live. It is not a sustainable source of food for your body or for the planet. In my opinion it shouldn’t even be considered food. But that’s a whole other topic.Fruit sugar is natural sugar consisting of more components than your average processed sugar. Processed sugar is bad, I agree absolutely. Sugar from fruit is natural and provided by the earth. Fruit was put on the earth for man to have fuel. I can walk outside, pick an apple off of a tree, and eat it. Doesn’t get much more natural than that.
      The only type of nutrition class that I would even consider attending would be a vegan one, obviously. Your typical nutrition class recommends consuming dairy, meats, and eggs which is against my beliefs. It would not be beneficial to me whatsoever. I am not forcing anything onto anyone through this post. I am simply stating my knowledge and how I feel about the topic. This is my blog and I can recommend anything that I want on here. Many people, myself included, have been THRIVING on a lifestyle such as this for many years and will continue to do so because we believe that it is the best way to live. I know that there are a lot of people out there, like yourself, who disagree and that is fine with me as long as they do not try to attack me for my lifestyle. We’re all on our own journeys and I understand that.
      I’m sorry that you disagree and I’m sorry that you’re offended by my post. I eat 10-20 bananas almost every single day and I love it. I eat greens and other veggies too. I rarely eat any processed foods, oils, or salt. I feel better than I ever have. I have gained muscle and lost fat since I created this post last year as well. I am in the best shape of my life, I am strong, and I am healthy with the blood tests to prove it. The body runs on carbohydrates. They are literally the energy that your body needs to get through each day. A primarily high carb, low fat vegan diet is what I believe in and I will discuss it as much as I please on my own space, this blog.


    • People who think like you HRG are what’s wrong with the world. Animals were not “put” on the world, they evolved as we did. How selfish and egotistical does a person have to be to believe animals only exist for the purpose of human exploitation. Humans are frugivors anyway so a large portion of our diet should be fruit and veggies as well as nuts, seeds and other plant matter. If you observe the diets of our closest ancestors such as chimps, orangutans and gorillas you will have a pretty clear idea of what should be our ideal diet. They eat very little animal product, the occasional eggs, bird, insects or monkey only when other foods are scarce and they all produce massive muscular bodies compared to humans. Some of the most massive animals in the world only eat plants. Haven’t you ever heard of vegan or vegetarian athletes and body builders? How do you think they exist? As long as you have some variety, plants have more than enough protein for us to survive on and thrive. An excess of protein can actually damage your kidneys and other organs. i do believe a “monodiet” is not varied enough and there is such thing as over hydration. You are getting enough water from eating all that watery fruit. Excess urination, clear urine, headaches are signs of over hydration. Also, most sugar is natural sugar. Cane sugar is natural sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup, honey is natural sugar. What is bad is added sugar in processed foods since it is in higher proportion than other nutrients in naturally sweet foods and artificial “sugars”.


  7. I have ons question. One of te rules is one day completely raw. Does that mean only vegtables? Or vegtables and fruit?


  8. I love the plant/fruit based lifestyle, but I was wondering how it would affect a type 2 diabetic? I’ve recently returned to this way of eating and have been doing raw smoothies for breakfast and lunch…only because I enjoy it. I am so used to adding a scoop of plant based protein powder (Vega One) to my smoothies. If I were to omit the protein powder and add more fruit and more leafy greens, would that be bad for my blood glucose? I’ve been off medication for over a year due to eating the vegan way and had my diabetes under control, then fell off the wagon and allowed myself to gain almost 50 lbs. I’m back on track now and getting my blood glucose levels back under control, but I’m wondering how a lot of fruit might affect me?


    • Hi!! Sorry for the late reply. I just saw this comment. I am not experienced or educated enough with type 2 diabetes or blood glucose levels to give proper advice but I definitely think that eating fruits and leafy greens (and a very minimal amount of processed foods) would be best for you and help you feel your best and manage your diabetes and blood glucose levels. I would try experimenting, adding a bit more fruit and greens to your smoothies and a bit less protein powders and see how you feel each time. Experimenting and finding what works best for your body is important and can even be fun! I recommend checking out Mindful Diabetic Robby, https://www.youtube.com/user/mindfuldiabeticrobby, on Youtube. I also think that this page, http://www.pcrm.org/health/diabetes-resources/the-vegan-diet-how-to-guide-for-diabetes, might be helpful to you as well.
      Best of luck to you!! I hope this helped and let me know if you have any more questions.


  9. Hey I also stumbled across the banana girl and got inspired, been on it for 4days and have found that I’m getting a little sick of fruit but the biggest part is that I keep having sugar crashes and end up having to sleep for a hour or so. Is there anyway round it? Thanks, Tracey a Summers


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