What I’ve Been Eating Lately

Long time, no post. Well it’s only been 4 days, but still! It seems like a while. I wanted to share a sushi recipe with you guys yesterday. I made it and had it all ready to photography. Guess what happened. I walked away from the food for about 10 minutes and come back to hardly any food. My dog decided to help herself. So, no sushi. Yet. It’ll come soon! But until then I figured that I’d share some of my delicious foods with you. Almost all of these photos were posted on Instagram but I know that not all of you are on Instagram. And if you are following me, then we can just appreciate these foods again. Okay, great.

I went to Amazing Cafe the other day and got the Spontaneity Sandwich. (pictured above) It’s roasted walnut burrito filling, raw cauliflower, spanish rice, red pepper, and cashew sauce all wrapped in steamed greens. It was so delicious. I wasn’t sure that it was big enough for me, but I was so full for hours afterwards. So good!

Sweet potatoes! I love love love sweet potatoes. I went for years without trying sweet potatoes because I didn’t think that I’d like them. What was I doing!? I eat potatoes several times a week now. I think I’m trying to make up for all of the years that I went without it. This was a big bowl of sweet potatoes, edamame, alfalfa sprouts, One Lucky Duck caesar dressing and pumpkin seed parmesan. If you’re able to make this combo, do it!!

Moving on to some of my favorite things, orange juice! I am obsessed with this color. It’s so beautiful! I just throw a bunch of oranges in the blender with ice and let the magic happen. I think this was about 6 oranges. I took this juice to work and it powered me through the day and tasted really really great while doing so. Yum!

Medjool; the only date I’m interested in. But really, medjool dates are like a dream come true. I can’t find dates in my town (literally dates with boys and medjool dates, neither exist around here) so I had to pick these up in Pittsburgh at Whole Foods. The dates from there are so perfect and so are the men who work there. But really, I buy the organic dates at Whole Foods and I don’t find them to be much more expensive. So it’s totally worth it for me! I ate the whole container of them on that day. Happiness.

Green Smoothies! If you check out my Youtube videos that I’ve been creating recently then you’ll see that today was a complete green smoothie day. I’m not a big fan of greens so this is so perfect for me to be able to get them all in. I had a huge green smoothie for breakfast today, and a huge green smoothie for lunch and was feeling great! Bananas, spinach, coconut water; sweet and simple!

This is a big deal here. Pizza. Real pizza. Pizza bought from a pizza shop. I never thought that it would happen in my town. I didn’t think that it existed. But here it is. I haven’t ordered out pizza since August so the first bite of this was pure bliss. I couldn’t stop talking about how good it was and I’m still thinking about it, honestly. I ate the whole thing and felt awesome afterwards. That’s never happened before. I love the high carb lifestyle. It totally rocks.

Guess what’s in this smoothie. Cherries! I love cherries but I rarely ever buy them because they’re pretty pricey around here. I saw them at the store last week and had to get them. I made two huge smoothies with bananas and cherries. Then I admired the color food a good 5 minutes because how could you make something this beautiful and not admire it?!

You’re all familiar with banana ice cream right? Toss some frozen bananas in the freezer and blend them up to create the perfect soft serve. I made this into a thick and decadent shake with a mango bottom layer and a blueberry top layer. *Drool* How could you not want to put something so beautiful into your body?! I don’t understand. I want nothing but beautiful foods going in my body. Makes you feel good and look good!

801010 Dinner801010 Dinner

This was dinner from tonight. All organic! I’ve been trying to incorporate a lot more organic foods into my diet recently. I believe that it’s important and if you’re able to do it, then do it! It’s hard for me because of the cost and the availability of organic produce in my area. But I do what I can. This is potatoes, rice, carrots, avocado, and mushrooms. So many delicious nutrients!

I’ll leave you with those food photos to dream about and run to your kitchen to make. But before I go, I felt like writing a little bit. I don’t share a lot of personal details or views on here. But today I feel like sharing. I am very passionate about foods and veganism. My main goal is to spread education and knowledge about this lifestyle. It is so important to me because it has changed my life so drastically in such a positive way. I am often judged and misunderstood for the ethical choices that I make and truly believe in. I want everyone that I come across, especially those who mean the most to me, to understand and become educated more on this lifestyle before turning away and viewing me as “extreme.” Relationships in my life have suffered because of my views and beliefs and I feel quite disconnected from most people that I am surrounded by. But if I am able to at least help one person who comes across this blog, then I would be happy. If it wasn’t for other bloggers then I would still be blinded from the truth and consuming the standard American diet. In fact, last year at this time I had no desire to go vegan. It’s amazing how things change.

I am forever grateful to my fellow vegan bloggers and am so blessed to be a part of this community. So, that is why I share recipes and photos of foods that I eat. I am here to help others and to spread the word. If you’re someone who’s considering doing the same or just genuinely interested in this lifestyle, I highly recommend researching more and getting involved. It’s 100% the best thing that I have ever done. Completely life changing. I am always here to help anyone out too; comment here or email me at createnplate@gmail.com and I can try to help you out. That’s why I’m here. And thank you all for being here too! xo

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  1. I love your site. I discovered it only a couple of months ago. Thank you so much for making veganism more approachable. I am absolutely vegetarian aspiring to 100% vegan. Your site is great at removing the barriers of exotic ingredients and time-intensive recipes…Just healthy, beautiful food that can be made every day.


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