Two Ingredient Raspberry Ice Cream

Let me just start off by saying three simple words. Banana ice cream. Mmmm. I honestly eat it at least once a day. You really can’t get bored with it. The possibilities are truly endless. Once you get into it, there’s no looking back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I’ve been on a raspberry kick lately. Raspberries on my oatmeal, in my banana ice cream, raspberries in my smoothies, raspberries by themselves; you get it. Maybe it’s because of that oh so special holiday coming up this Friday. Red and pink everything! But really, I don’t know why I’m digging them so much. It doesn’t matter though because it has brought about this recipe for me to share with all of you.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day though, this is a great thing to make for you and that special someone. Or for you and only you. Ya know, whatever works best. For me personally, I’ll be making it for me and only me. Just because it’s too good to share with someone else.

For those of you that have never had banana ice cream, it’s literally like soft serve ice cream. But it’s so much healthier and easier to make than your typical dairy ice cream. You can throw some bananas in the freezer (peel them first!) before you go to bed and then when you wake up you have a perfect base for an ice cream breakfast. That’s right, ice cream for breakfast. Aw yeah.

Now onto a topic completely unrelated to delicious ice cream; upcoming blog posts. Exciting posts are in the near future my friends. I’ll be sharing some posts that aren’t recipes, but are related to a promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle and it’s been a while since I’ve done so. Stay tuned for that!

But until then, let’s enjoy some ice cream.

Raspberry Ice Cream

serves 2

2 bananas, frozen
2 and 1/2 cup raspberries, frozen

Blend together ingredients until ice cream consistency is reached. Serve, enjoy!

14 responses to “Two Ingredient Raspberry Ice Cream”

  1. I’ll have to try this. Sounds too good to be true!


  2. […] Frozen Raspberries + Frozen Bananas = Raspberry Ice Cream (from Create N Plate) […]


  3. hi and thanks we have been looking for ice cream gluten. we are veagen my daughter lori has allergies thanks her brother nathan loves wholw family has a glutten free diet


    1. Hi Wanda! I hope you all enjoy!


  4. Great recipe. Thank you, Mary Pat Higley


    1. Thank you! I’m so glad that you enjoyed!!


  5. If you store this in the freezer, it’s rock hard. How do you keep it scoopable?


    1. I typically blend it and serve it immediately.


  6. I will have to try the raspberry but have been making it with frozen strawberries for years. I add a little plain yogurt and it adds a wonderful tang to the strawberry one.


    1. That sounds amazing, Brenda! I’ll have to give it a shot. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  7. Thank you so much for a treat that will help me overcome my ice cream obsession! I’ve recently developed serious and painful reactions to all refined sugar foods, and am missing ice cream a lot. This recipe, though, sounds delicious, and would be super easy to do (I have a very powerful blender, thankfully). Now I can have my "cold, creamy deliciousness," as my minister calls ice cream, and I can enjoy it without a hideous reaction…HURRAY!!


    1. Yay!! So glad that I could help. Enjoy 🙂


  8. How on earth do you blend this??? I put mine in a blender and it’s not breaking down….


    1. Nevermind..i need to be on the show nailed it 😂For those who don’t know what to use to blend it, I used a potato masher. Do not use a blender 🤦


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