Caramel Cacao Fig Truffles

I was Christmas shopping the other day in Pittsburgh and came across a pretty sweet present for myself. Figs! Dried figs actually, but hey I’ll take what I can get. Finding figs in my area is nearly an impossible task. I felt like it was Christmas morning right there in the grocery store.

I currently have 40 figs in the fridge. Fig party; you’re all invited!! But really, I don’t really know what I plan on doing with them all. (Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out) I think that fig truffles are a good place to start, right?

Let me prepare you for the experience that you’ll receive with these treats.

Okay, so lets get to this. You have your fig center. The heart and soul; a sweet and creamy, nutty center.
And then working our way outward you have the cacao nibs. The skin; holding together the precious insides. The cacao nibs have a strong bitter flavor and a distinct crunch as well; perfectly complimenting the mild, creamy center.
Finally the caramel topping. The special feature, the hair, makeup, whatever you’d like it to be; the melt in your mouth, sweet delectable topping. Optional of course, but extremely recommended.

Enough description, lets get to the recipe so you can get to the kitchen!

Caramel Cacao Fig Truffles

makes 16 truffles

Fig Center
1/2 cup almonds
16 dried figs
1 tablespoon maple syrup

Pulse almonds in food processor until coarsely ground. Add in figs and maple syrup. Blend together until dough forms. Roll into small/medium sized balls. I started using warm water on my hands while rolling the balls to prevent the dough from sticking to my hands.

Cacao & Caramel Toppings

1/4 – 1/2 cup cacao nibs

Roll fig balls into bowl of cacao nibs until covered. Then make your caramel.

1/2 cup dates
4 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon vanilla

In food processor blend together ingredients to make a caramel sauce. Place caramel in a piping bag and top truffles with as much caramel as you desire. You might have left over caramel, but I don’t think that’s much of a problem.

Serve, enjoy!

Store in refrigerator for up to 7 days. (I doubt they’ll last that long though.) 

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