Strala Teacher Training Weekend 8

This is my final teacher training post! So so crazy!


Saturday Jason Wachob, the creator of Mind Body Green, was our guest speaker. He shared with us how Mind Body Green came about and also talked about nutrition. It was really great. He was very open to answering any questions that we asked and gave us very informative answers as well. I think the best thing that he said to us was to do two things towards our goals every day. I love that idea behind that because it gives you the motivation to work towards accomplishing a goal and also keeps it present in your mind; allowing you to realize that you can achieve it.

After Jason left we began leading for one final time! This was the first part of our final exam. Two people would lead and then we’d stop to critique. Mike and Tara would give us encouraging words and tips on how to improve our leading. We got through about half of the class and then it was time to leave.

Saturday went so fast!


Sunday we began right where we left off on Saturday with leading. I didn’t get a chance to go on Saturday so I went first on Sunday. I always seem to do better if I can just do it right at the beginning instead of waiting a while. That just makes me over think and get nervous. Anyways, we finished up with our leading (everyone passed, yay!!) and then began part two of our exam. We got into groups and Mike and Tara asked us questions as if they were students in our classes. Each group had to answer various questions and explain their reasoning behind the answers. We all passed that as well!

Once our exam was over we graduated and got our diplomas!

So much cooler than a college diploma 😉

The end of the day on Sunday Tara shared some really sweet words with us and off we went into the world as new Strala guides.

“Take really good care of yourself.
Practice ease on your mat.
Practice ease in your life.
Inspire others not by trying to impress, but by being an example.
Be easy so you can help others be at ease.
Care about people more than poses.
Know a clear process so you can guide people toward progress.
Practice what you are inspired to do.
Lead classes if you want to lead classes.
Create your own reality by doing rather than waiting for permission.
Work toward what you want with consistency and patience in yourself and others.
Allow yourself to enjoy the ride.”  -Tara Stiles

It’s sad that training is over, it went so fast! I’ll miss everyone I’ve met over the past two months. I’m so grateful to have met them all though, they’re so inspiring in their own unique ways. It’s great! I am excited to start leading my own classes eventually and continue my adventures!

Thanks for reading!

2 responses to “Strala Teacher Training Weekend 8”

  1. thanks Amanda,Im really enjoying reading your posts, esp the culinary ones. Can I just ask, does it really take just 8 w/ends to become a yoga teacher? Coz it took me 2 years of studying anatomy, sanskrit, yoga class planning, psychology and eveyrything else, then 6 yrs of teaching and I still feel there is so much to learn?????
    Ease, peace and love to ‘Strala University’, yourself and yoga xx


    • Hi Aneta, My certification course was a 200 hour certification. That involved practicing leading classes, reading books from a provided list, attending classes, open discussions, and many other things which all totaled for my 200 hour certification. But with that being said, I don’t think I’ll ever be done learning! There is so much to learn and it is a continuous journey of practicing, learning, and evolving. 🙂


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