Strala Teacher Training Weekend 7

Ah, New York City. I had a stressful weekend this past weekend! It all comes with the experience though!


I was a little late on Saturday due to a broken down train and getting lost in Chinatown. But I made it to Strala! We went over some inversions and things that we did last weekend with Heidi in the beginning. Then the rest of the time we lead. I was so nervous for it. But I’m so glad that we did it, and it’s actually fun! We practiced leading longer sequences this past weekend. It was easier for me to lead a longer sequence than a shorter one because I had the time to “get into the class” before having to get back on my mat for someone else’s turn. After everyone in our little groups got a chance to go, we gave each other tips and advice. Leading days are so exhausting though because we’re constantly moving. But it’s fun!


Sunday consisted of more leading (and I wasn’t late this time.) We practiced leading for a great while. Then the last little bit of class we talked about business. We pretty much got to ask questions and have Mike and Tara answer them, wether it was with advice or their own personal stories. Tara shared with us how she built Strala and became so successful. She’s such an amazing person and really wants to help everyone and anyone that she can. Just having her share her experiences with us inspires me to become a better person and try to build my own business (whatever that may be) on sincerity and honesty.

After training this past weekend, I’ve been wondering if I’m truly meant to be a yoga teacher or if this training is preparing me for something else. Lots of thoughts and lots of excitement for this upcoming final Strala weekend!!

Thanks for reading đŸ™‚

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