Strala Teacher Training Weekend 6

This past weekend at Strala was one of the best weekends that I’ve had there. It was so much fun! Since Tara and Mike weren’t in town we had Heidi as our instructor. She’s great!

Saturday was all about inversions. Heidi started off the afternoon by telling us about herself and a little bit of what to expect for our time together. We did a short meditation and warm up which was a great way to start. She taught us how to get into inversions, come out of them, and gave us tips on how to stay inverted. She informed us of all the dangers that are present with certain inversions and what to avoid incorporating into our sequences. We learned all of the benefits of inversions and a lot of girls overcame their fears of being upside down. It’s so great to be able to experience that.

Heidi was very encouraging towards everyone and really believed in each one of us which is such a motivation to want to do the same in the classes that I’ll eventually lead, and in life in general.

We moved a ton on Saturday and used our core and upper body an extreme amount. I was so tired by the end of the day! But it was so much fun that it didn’t even phase me. I was just looking forward to Sunday.


Sunday was arm balance day! I was ready to go because I started off my morning by taking Heidi’s Basics class and enjoying a great lunch at Jivamuktea Cafe with a good friend from training.

We starting off the afternoon with a little core work and warmed up our bodies. Then we went through various arm balances and used partners, blocks, and straps; trying everything out to see what felt best and worked best for each of us. I never really use straps in my practice at home, but after Sunday I definitely want to start incorporating them into my practices more. If you don’t use straps or blocks, play around with them sometime!

Anyways, Heidi showed us safe and easy ways to get into arm balances and motivated us along the way. We went over the ones she had in mind and then she let us choose different ones that we wanted to learn and try out.

It was a ton of fun, but about 2 hours in I think it started to show on everyone. I was exhausted! The last bit of time we had together was spent asking questions and learning about a bunch of helpful things.

This past weekend was somewhat beneficial towards leading classes, but extremely beneficial towards myself. I enjoyed it and I know others did as well. I feel like using this weekend to work on improving ourselves gives us the opportunity to help others improve through that. I’m extremely grateful that we got to experience this past weekend with Heidi because it was really great. She’s so knowledgeable about yoga, health, and life overall and her smiles and radiating vibes really are contagious and make you smile and appreciate everything around you.

I don’t know what’s in store for us this weekend, but I’ll find out soon enough! Only two more weekends to go!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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