Chocolate Halloween Spider Truffles

I can’t tell you how much I love baking from October until January. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas themed goodies. So exciting!

These are really great because you don’t even have to bake these. I’m saving all of the baked goods for extra chilly days. (Which will be here soon enough.)

I know that a lot of people have a fear of spiders. Myself included, depending on the size of the spider. But these are friendly spiders! And extra yummy as well. What’s better than that?!

Chocolate Halloween Spider Truffles

makes about 6 large spiders

1 cup dates
1/4 cup buckwheat groats
1/4 cup oats
1 tablespoon cacao
2 tablespoon agave
1/4 cup chocolate (I use this)

Blend everything in a food processor, make little spider bodies by shaping into balls, place on parchment paper and put in the refrigerator. While your truffles are setting up, melt chocolate of your choice and then pipe out your spider legs on parchment paper. Place the spider legs in the freezer for a while to set up completely. While you wait you can add eyes, a nose, smile, etc. to your spider. I used buckwheat groats for eyes but you can get creative and use whatever you want! Once the legs are set up remove them and place the legs into the spider bodies. Enjoy!! 🙂

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