Strala Teacher Training Weekend 5


It was anatomy weekend at Strala Yoga this past weekend. Sam Berlind was back once again and him and Mike helped us become more familiar with anatomy of the body. That doesn’t mean sitting there memorizing body parts though! We got hands on experience with some pretty important parts of the body.

We focused on the shoulders the whole day on Saturday. We learned about shoulder mobility and got to try out a few partner exercises. Using the technique of “pointing to where it hurts” is actually something really beneficial and a lot more accurate than I first believed it to be! We felt each others shoulders to see how each body is different and difference isn’t a bad thing.

The whole day was basically dedicated to getting to know our body and listening to it. We became more aware of how to answer questions that others ask us about their own bodies. It’s pretty simple. Listening to your body and taking care of yourself does amazing things!

There’s not much more to say about training on Saturday. We did quite a bit of hands on work and “diagnosing” which I know will help me out when I start leading my own classes.


Sunday morning I went to the 9:30 a.m. Basics class with Suzy. It was my first time taking her class and I really liked it!

At training on Sunday it was back and knee day. Yay!

We basically did the same thing on Sunday as we did on Saturday, except switching up body parts. We did the group exercises, diagnosing, etc.

I really enjoyed the knee portion just because I’ve had knee injuries in the past and found it really helpful.

The knees are so important and really hard to heal, that’s why we need to be extra careful and take care of them!

This past weekend taught me not only how to help others, but also how to help myself as well. We didn’t do any leading or anything which is something that I really want to practice more to become more comfortable with, although I’m sure that’ll come with time. But I think that once I do start leading on my own, this will all help me help others in the best way possible.

We only have three more weekends to go and it’s truly unbelievable. I know that I’m going to miss it so much once it’s all over, so I’m trying to fully experience each weekend and have the best time possible. So excited for the weekends to come!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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