Mellow Mushroom Review

While on vacation in Tennessee I had to stop at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant in Gatlinburg. They have a gluten free pizza menu and I haven’t had pizza since I removed gluten from my diet. So that was something that I was really looking forward to.

We went in and were seated at this very large booth. I loved the decor of the restaurant. They had mason jars set up behind the bar that were lit up various colors. The whole restaurant had a calm happy vibe.

We ordered and I got a pizza (obviously). I had to get a 12 inch pizza all for myself because that’s the only size gluten free pizza they serve. But hey, that means more for me, right? 🙂

I got vegan cheese, spinach, and mushrooms on my pizza. You can’t go the the Mellow Mushroom and not get mushrooms!

It took a little while for us to receive our food. Finally our waitress brought out two of our three items and explained that they forgot to put my sisters calzone in the oven.

I dug into my pizza. It was so delicious. The crust was such a great consistency. They put on just enough toppings for you to be able to fully enjoy your pizza. And trust me, I did. I had three pieces!

After we finished our meal the manager came out and gave us a discount on our check because of my sisters calzone. We didn’t expect it at all. So we were very appreciative of the customer service we received.

If you’re ever near a Mellow mushroom restaurant and are hungry for a pizza, calzone, hoagie, or salad; stop in! I had such a positive experience there, if I would have been in Tennessee a little longer then I would have been going back. Gotta love yummy food and happy vibes!

5 responses to “Mellow Mushroom Review”

  1. Mellow Mushroom is our favorite pizza place! We go to them here in north AL and we’ve also gone to them in TN and they are always consistent and delicious! Nice post!


    1. Aw I’m jealous that you have one near you! The closest one to me is about 3 hours away. Next time you’re there, have a slice for me! 🙂


  2. We just went to one in Pigeon Forge last month! I didn’t try the pizza but I love thier “build your own” salads! Glad you enjoyed 🙂


  3. Oh Thank You Amanda for reminding me they have gluten free pizza…..Yes!


  4. […] wanted to go to Mellow Mushroom so so bad. I was there last August just a month after going gluten free and it was the best. I was so excited to find that there was […]


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