What Yoga Is Truly About

You know how it is, whenever you see someone in a crazy yoga pose usually people react with wanting to be able to do that pose too. “Oh it looks so cool!” “You’re lucky you’re so flexible.” “Show me how to do that pose!” are all frequent responses that I get whenever someone sees me in a more advanced pose.

I always take their compliments and tell that I’d love to show them a few of the basics when it comes to yoga. After that happens though, many aren’t seen again.

The longer I practice yoga and share pictures or videos on social networking sites, the more I realize that many people have a strong misconception of what yoga is truly about.

Yoga isn’t about the “fancy” poses. Yoga is about finding the best poses for you, the poses that make you feel good.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know how fun it is to be able to do all kinds of various poses but they aren’t something that I strongly desire. Each pose will be able to be achieved when you’re body is ready to take that step.

Forcing yourself into a pose creates tension and isn’t beneficial to you. Easing into poses and doing what feels good for your body creates ease and relaxation.

Introduce dedication, love, and positivity toward your body into your practices and in return you will receive just that and more.

Next time you step onto your mat let go of all of your negativity toward yourself. Make your practices about you. Improving you, taking care of you, and most importantly loving you.

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