Quiet Storm Pittsburgh Vegetarian + Vegan Cafe Review

Last Friday I was dying to get out of the house after laying around all week due to wisdom teeth removal. I hadn’t had anything to eat besides oatmeal and smoothies the whole week basically! If you know how I eat then you understand what a big deal this was.
So on Friday my sister and I went to Pittsburgh. We went to the mall, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and a few other places while I tried to think of somewhere that I could easily get something that wouldn’t be too tough on my mouth. At the time I was still in a little pain and couldn’t exactly eat a salad or a KIND bar like I was craving.

I finally decided on Quiet Storm, an adorable Vegetarian + Vegan Cafe located on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh. I was there only a few times before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it each time. They specify their gluten free items and their non vegan items on the menu so that there is no confusion. They have something for everyone, even the biggest meat and junk food eater! (Such as my sister)

Ginger Sun Bowl:

I decided on the Ginger Sun bowl which consists of brown rice, scrambled tofu, broccoli, sweet potatomash, edamame, peanut-ginger sauce, and sunflower seeds. It was absolutely fantastic. They give you a huge serving, it’s actually more like two servings, and it’s so flavorful as each ingredient compliments the others so well.

Caesar Salad:

This was my sisters first time trying tofu. Each time I make it at home, she’s not interested in trying it. I guess she was feeling adventurous!? She liked the Caesar Salad but she said it was a little spicy for her taste. I had no idea why it would be spicy until I looked at the ingredients. Greens, kale, sliced tofu cutlets, roasted red peppers, red onions, zesty Caesar dressing, and vegan parm. Zesty Caesar dressing was the culprit there! But she did enjoy the tofu!

Tahini Bowl

This is an old picture from my Instagram. This is the Tahini bowl which is brown rice, spinach, tomatoes, crispy tofu nuggets, tahini sauce, and pumpkin seeds. I liked this bowl, but it doesn’t beat the Ginger Sun bowl. The Tahini bowl seemed to be a lot more bland, but was still enjoyed! I think it all depends on a persons preference.

After my meal I was happy, happy!

Quiet Storm is a great place to stop at if you’re in the Pittsburgh area. The staff has always been very friendly and accommodating and the atmosphere of the cafe makes you never want to leave.

Cheers for delicious food!

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