Getting On The Path To Finding Yourself

Ever since my senior year of high school I have been lost. When you look around and talk to your peers it seems as if everyone has it all figured out. Go to college, get a degree, settle down, start a family. You get what I’m saying.

People would ask me what I wanted to do and I’d ramble off some answer about taking a year off and then going to major in something random. That’s what I did. I applied for school and started just a few months later with no true plan. But everyone would tell me that they’re proud of me for going back to school and “bettering myself.” So I thought that I was doing the right thing.

Well I only lasted a semester in college.

It really wasn’t for me. I hated high school and college wasn’t any better.

After that the search for my true calling continued. I let it consume me. I’d create scenarios in my head of how I was going to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. It stressed me out immensely and ultimately ended with me quitting my full time merchandise coordinating job due to being in a state of sheer panic.

Once I quit my job I spent a lot of time alone. I spent my days writing, painting, working out, practicing yoga, baking, and just concentrating on myself. I did this for about two months and it was such a life changing period.

Then one day I was browsing various websites and it just hit me; I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I just knew that’s what I wanted to do. So I began researching various trainings and knew that Strala was having one this fall. I look up to Tara Stiles a great amount and the timing of the training worked perfectly, so I signed up.

I finally feel so much more in touch with myself and I’m at ease about my future. I know that everything will work out and now I am truly happy.

I recommend spending some time with yourself.

I’m not saying to quit your job and spend two months doing it like I did. You can take 30 minutes each day and do this. That’s really all you need.

Read your favorite book or just take a walk on a trail after work. Do something that you enjoy and can immerse yourself completely with it. It make be hard to create a habit of doing this at first, but do it anyways. A majority of things worth having don’t come easy.

You’ll become more understanding of yourself and will begin to take care of yourself like you deserve.

Who knows, your alone time may create brand new doors for you to open just like it did for me. You never know until you try and trying is the most important part.

3 responses to “Getting On The Path To Finding Yourself”

  1. I’m impressed how quickly you have found your path! Two months is a very short time to figure out your life goals I think. I quit a job 9 months ago and I started my own business, but the journey to get to the right path exactly has been long. I really like your emphasis on exploring all parts of yourself.
    Sarah (The Happy Rat)


    • I had pondered on the idea for a while, but never seriously until the past two months. I still have a long way to go and I know that there will be many obstacles to overcome, but I am a lot more relaxed about my future. So happy that you’ve found the most beneficial path for yourself. Best of luck to you with your business adventures!


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