Must Have Monday!

Okay, so you probably look at this post and think, “Really, she’s posting about a water bottle and a pair of shorts?”
My reply to you would be, “Yes! These are two really awesome things! You need to get both of these because you’re missing out!”
And it’s true, you are missing out. But no worries, that can all change after I tell you why you must have these items. 🙂

American Apparel Roller Shorts

Raise your hand if you love American Apparel.

These shorts are nothing short of perfection. I may not have been around in the 70’s but that doesn’t mean that I can’t rock a 70’s inspired pair of shorts! These shorts are so comfortable. I honestly want to live in them all summer long. I bought them on a whim a couple of months ago and have regretting not buying more when I had the chance (and the extra money) to do so! They’ll only cost you $22 and they’re such great quality, you will get your money’s worth and then some. Plus they’re USA made, so you gotta love that.

Vapur Water Bottle

These “bottles” are fantastic! You can throw these in the dishwasher, freeze them, drink all of your drink and then roll it up and stick in in your pocket. You no longer have to worry about finding a garbage can or recycle bin to put your empty water bottle in because these are reusable for long lengths of time! You also can save money each week by no longer buying bottled water and you can have one of these for as little as $6.99! Oh, and these are USA made too!

See, these aren’t your typical water bottle and shorts! Go out and get both of these and you’ll look great and be hydrated all summer long!

Do you look to see where things were made and go out of your way to buy things made in your country? Let me know!

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