Creating Your Own Succulent Terrarium

Creating a terrarium has been on my to do list for quite some time now. So I set out last week to find some succulents. I thought that I had a glass jar that I picked up at Goodwill long ago that would work. I came home after buying my succulents to find that the jars that I have wouldn’t work. With this week’s unexpected events happening, I didn’t get a chance to go pick one up until today.

This terrarium is so easy to create. You just need a few supplies!

This first part is extremely important. Trust me here.

Take your iPad, iPhone, Android, Macbook, or even your good ol’ fashion radio and put on some music. Pick something awesome. I usually go with Andrew Mcmahon. But you chose something that you love. It’s important, I swear!

Okay, now that you have that ready here’s how to create your terrarium. 🙂

I recommend buying your succulents first. You can create this with as few or as many different ones that you want. I like even numbers and variety! You can see the ones that I chose above. After you get your succulents you need something to put them in of course! You can be creative with this part. Think outside of the box! (or outside of the pot) Also pick up some general potting soil and some rocks. You can always just get rocks outside in your driveway or wherever. I had these from an old fish tank, so I put them to use!

Put your rocks on the bottom of your container. Spred them as evenly as possible. This just has to be a thin layer of rocks. Or you can make it thicker. Whichever you prefer!

Next add your potting soil. You want to make this a thicker layer. Make it deep enough that you can dig little holes to place your plants into.

Place your plants in the little holes that you made and then add more soil. Make sure to pack it around your succulents so that they’re nice and secure in their positions! And it’s absolutely okay to make a mess with this! That makes it a lot more fun. 😉

There you have it! Your own little terrarium just in time for summer. I still have some of the dirt under my fingernails, but each time I look at my little creation I’m okay with it!

Oh, and don’t forget to water your new little friends! 🙂

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