Fitness Friday!

Okay guys, I promise that it’s back to normal blogging now. This week has been pretty chaotic but things should slow down now. (At least for a while.)
Before I get to this week’s fitness post, I have to tell you about my experience with the emergency room.

Wednesday I was helping a friend paint the downstairs of her house. I was just painting and painting when all of the sudden my foot felt strange. I thought that there was a rock or something in my shoe. So I took it off and there wasn’t anything in my shoe. By that point I was confused but I put my shoe back on and as soon as I did that I knew something happened. I couldn’t stand having my shoe on. It felt like the bones on the bottom of my foot were perturbing through the skin. It was an unbearable amount of pain. But I dealt with it and figured that it would fix itself. So I woke up yesterday and my foot was really bruised and I couldn’t feel my toes.
My mom is a nurse so I called her panicking and she told me that I needed to go to the emergency room. I went and was there for about 6 hours!

They did over 2 hours worth of tests and in the end sent me home with no diagnosis. They just told me to rest it and that I’ll be okay. Basically a wasted day yesterday! But anyways, that’s why I didn’t get to update you guys with any yummy recipes like I said. Just more for me to share in the future. 🙂

Fitness Friday

I usually don’t go to Youtube for any fitness videos except yoga. But the other day I wasn’t in the mood for yoga (that’s a rare thing!) so I decided that I’d just find something that I could do really quick. I found the Tone It Up Love Your Body Series. Now it was created in January and mentions Valentine’s Day every once in a while. But we can ignore that for a good workout, right!? I was honestly impressed with how sore I was the next day! All you need are a set of dumbbells, I used 5 pound ones, and a mat (or carpet would work).

Karena and Katrina are the girls who are featured in these videos. They have their own blog which you can check out here. I definitely recommend it! You can check out recipes, workouts, or just updates about the girls lives and what they’re up to. Definitely lots of motivation there!

I don’t think any of us can ever have too much motivation!

I won’t be able to do any high impact exercises this weekend. 😦 But I plan on getting right back at it on Monday morning!

Has an injury ever put you on the couch when all you want to do is get out into the world and get moving? Let me know!

2 responses to “Fitness Friday!”

  1. Get well soon. I missed most of April due to a calf injury, so I’m slowly easing myself back in to my running.


    1. Thank you! Best of luck to you getting back into running again. It feels great to start back up again after being restricted from doing so. Take care!


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